“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Report”: Week 2

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“You see, in this world there’s two types of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”

Oddly enough, this immortal quote from Clint Eastwood, a.k.a “Blondie”, in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” also applies to fantasy football. You see, in our fake little world there’s two types of people: those that play IDP and those who don’t. If you find yourself getting all warm and tingly inside when a linebacker brings down a ball carrier or when a lineman comes off the edge and takes off the opposing quarterback’s head, then you know full well of the joys that accompany playing the superior version of fake football. If that doesn’t happen to you…well, you can keep digging…

Each week, the “GBU Report” will rundown what transpired in the previous week of IDP; highlighting some of the good, bad, and you guessed it, maybe even some ugly performances from the “other” side of the ball. And then, in addition to reminiscing on what was, I will also give you a brief preview of what to possibly expect in the upcoming week.



Mario Williams DL/Buf: 6 total tackles: 5 solo/1 assist, 4.5 sacks

Williams could have easily made my bad list last week after his 1 solo/1 assist performance against New England, but I decided to omit him. However, there will be no omitting this week after his dominant performance against Carolina. Williams has always been a player I’ve never felt lived up to the hype that came with being a #1 overall pick (injuries haven’t helped), but obviously he’s still fully capable of taking over a game from time to time. He gets the Jets next week, which despite giving up 2 sacks to Chandler Jones last week have actually pass blocked fairly well this year per PFF. If you have other options, it might be wise to excercise them in week 3.

Brian Cushing LB/Hou: 11 solo tackles, 2 sacks

Welcome back, Mr. Cushing! After a big last week, one in where he even had a TD, he backs up that performance with yet another amazing outing. I’d say it’s safe to say that any lingering concerns about the knee can be firmly laid to rest. A healthy Cushing should have no trouble continuing to have games similar to this one; the presence of Watt should continue to draw enough attention to allow him to plug holes and get in the back field on blitzing assignments.

and speaking of Mr. Watt….

J.J. Watt DL/Hou: 5 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 2 passes defended

If you remember from last week, Watt found himself in the Bad column after a slow week one. Well, it appears he found his stride against Tennessee this week. The odd thing is, his week 1 PFF rating was significantly higher (7.2) than this week’s (4.7), but last week he didn’t get to the quarterback and that’s what us degenerates want. The matchup against Baltimore in week 3 is a tasty one, as they’ve surrendered 6 sacks in two games thus far.
Harrison Smith DB/Min: 8 solo tackles, 1 INT, 1 pass defended
Say hello to the best fake defensive back in the league. Smith had somewhat of a breakout season last year so the signs were definitely there, but with even just two games under his belt this year he’s earned top billing. Through these two games, he now has 18 total tackles with 15 of them being of the solo variety, and has been apart of 2 turnovers. I had Smith 41st overall and my 5th ranked DB; clearly this was too low.
Alec Ogletree LB/Stl: 8 solo tackles, 2 passes defended
That gives this impressive rookie 15 solo tackles through the first two games. He probably won’t ever lead the team in tackles with Laurinaitis prowling around, but he’s highly athletic and should have no trouble getting his share. The fact that the Rams’ defensive line is so strong bodes well for him as well. Additionally, expect the secondary stats to start to flow as he can cover opposing team’s tight ends, and will have more blitzing responsibilities from the weak side. Expect another big week out of him next week against the Cowboys.
Kiko Alonso LB/Buf: 10 total tackles: 9 solo/1 assist, 1 INT, 1 Sack, 1 Pass Defended
He made the Good last week as well. If you’re not already on this train, it may be too late. We could be looking at this year’s Kuechly


Jerod Mayo LB/NE: 6 total tackles: 3 solos/3 assist

Coming off a week 1 performance of 15 total tackles, Mayo let owners down this week with a rather blahh performance against the Jets on Thursday night. Don’t put too much stock into this game however; Mayo is still best tackling threat on the Patriots. The Buccaneers are sure to try and get Doug Martin going next week which should allow for more tackle opportunities.

London Fletcher LB/Wash: 2 tackles: 1 solo/1 assist

Like Mayo, Fletcher was coming off a very good week 1 performance (13 total tackles), but then followed it up with a poor showing in week 2. If you’re a Fletcher owner, don’t feel bad because many Redskin defenders had a rough game as Green Bay went out to a big lead very quickly and did most of their damage through the air which left Fletcher and some others in the dust. He’s no spring chicken, but Fletcher has always been a very consistent fantasy producer. Week 3 against Detroit should see him rebound nicely.



Cameron Wake DL/Mia: 1 solo tackle

Ahhh such is the life of a defensive lineman for fake purposes. Live by sack, die by the sack. The Colts may have surrendered 4 sacks as team, but Anthony Costanzo wasn’t one of them, as Wake was denied all game long. Don’t freak out though, he gets the Falcons next week who have given up a total of 5 sacks thus far.






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