Twitter Questions Answered!

I wanted to get some intriguing questions from my twitter followers, and of course the people that asked them are the ones I frequently interact with on twitter and are some of the best follows for fantasy football. If you don’t follow these guys, make sure you go out and follow them right now! Thanks Salty, Greg, Kenny, Marc, Ty and Trey!

Is it possible for Dez Bryant to be the #1 WR this year? – @Saltydawg_55

I think anything is possible, but I can’t say he will be #1 because Megatron is just too good. That being said, Dez is really set up nicely to have a great year and showed his talent and potential during the 2nd half of last season. From weeks 10-16 last year, he had 50 receptions for 808 yards and 10 TDs. Over that span he was the #2 WR in standard and #3 in PPR – behind Megatron in standard and behind Megatron and Andre Johnson in PPR. I guess to answer your question, its possible but I don’t see anyone beating Calvin Johnson this year. If Megatron doesn’t finish #1, I would say Dez could be the guy that does it, but you also have to consider AJ Green, Brandon Marshall and even Julio Jones in his 3rd year.

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Will Jamaal Charles be the #1 fantasy player this season? – @GregLarioniII

I wish I could say yes Greg (JC one of my favourites, even though he tore my heart out after he tore his ACL as my first round pick in 2011) but I don’t think so. Its always possible of course, but I think there’s too many guys ahead of him. I think in this question you were meaning to say #1 RB maybe? The top scoring fantasy players in terms of points are usually QBs which is why I would say there’s a bunch of guys ahead of him. Looking just as the #1 RB, that’s far more possible. He is definitely a home run hitter type of back, but there were a few games last year where he was awful (2 points VS Buffalo, 1 point VS Oakland, and 3 points VS Oakland again) which makes me a little nervous about him. He did get a better coach in Andy Reid and he did great things with Shady McCoy in 2011, as well as Alex Smith at QB who has been throwing the ball to JC a lot according to reports. I think he will finish in the top 5 but I don’t think he comes ahead of AP, Doug Martin and CJ Spiller could also be ahead of him.

One candidate for a bounceback season at WR? – @MegatronFF

Larry Fitzgerald is the obvious candidate, with an improved offensive line, a QB that probably has Mr. Fitzgerald drooling at the chance to catch passes from him, and a coach who loves to throw downfield a crazy amount (see Andrew Luck in 2012). He should easily finish in the top 10 since a lot more than 50% of his passes will be actually catchable. Another guy who could have a solid bounce back year is Jordy Nelson. He only played in 12 games, but still had 7 TDs and just about 750 yards. He only had 49 catches but that was 67% of his targets. He should be healthy this year and it always helps when you’ve got Aaron Rodgers throwing to you. I think Cobb will get his targets and so will Jones, but with Jennings gone I think Jordy should be even better. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he got well over 100 targets and put up similar numbers to 2011 (1263 yards and 15 TDs). Pretty nice bounce back season potential for him in my books.


What 2nd year WR is likely to score more: Alshon Jeffery, T.Y. Hilton, Josh Gordon or Kendall Wright? – @wsands3


Looking at last year, Gordon was the only one to play in all 16 games, with Hilton and Wright playing in 15. Alshon Jeffrey played in 10 although one of those 10 he didn’t even see a target. Jeffrey missed a lot of games with a knee injury, but this year he looks to be healthy and ready to go, as he has been impressive in camp according to reports. I think the best of the 4 is Alshon Jeffrey, mainly because of the offensive situation he is in. With new Bears coach Marc Trestman, Jeffrey should be seeing a ton of targets as that offense is going to be passing a lot compared to last year (they were 27th in the league in pass attempts in 2012). Josh Gordon is suspended for the first 2 games of this season which and I think that offense will be running the ball a lot with a healthy Trent Richardson. Kendall Wright I think is going to be the guy in Tennessee but with an improved offensive line and CJ2K, that team could be running the ball a lot as well, especially if Jake Locker can’t figure out how to pass the ball accurately. T.Y. Hilton was the best of the 4 last year finishing as the WR21 according to ESPN Standard Scoring, but with the loss of Bruce Arians and the addition of Darius Heyward-Bey, I don’t think T.Y. Hilton will have the breakout season that some might be expecting. Overall, I like Alshon Jeffrey the best of the group because of the situation he is in; Brandon Marshall to mentor him and take up a lot of the focus of opposing defenses, as well as a pass happy coach trying to prove himself once again in the NFL.

Le’Veon Bell vs Montee Ball vs Eddie Lacy – who ya got? – @Ty_In_Stl

Of the 3 I like Le’Veon Bell the best. It looks like he is going to be the guy there and he was a workhorse in college, I think he had something like 378 carries last year. The guys behind him (Dwyer and Redman) obviously don’t inspire anyone in Pittsburgh if the Steelers spent a high pick on Bell. Ball has potential, but the reports I see are saying Hillman is leading the race for the starting job and I think this year it will be a committee. Lacy could also be very good, but there’s Johnathan Franklin behind him, not to mention the Packers probably pass more than the Saints. Bell looks like the best option because of his situation and opportunity.

Demarco Murray vs Darren McFadden? – @MegatronFF

I think this is my favourite question, because I have a friendly wager with a buddy between these two. I think you’re best off avoiding these guys at their 3rd round ADP but there may be some value if you can get them a bit later. I like DeMarco Murray over DMC this year even though both probably won’t play a whole season. DMC has some more mileage and is a year older, not to mention he’s in likely one of the worst offenses in the league. Dallas upgraded their offensive line somewhat and they have a new play caller in Bill Callahan. DeMarco actually played fewer games than DMC last year and scored more points overall. In his 10 games, he scored double digits 5 times, compared with DMC scoring double digits 6 times but in 12 games. DMC also had 5 games with 5 points or less and DeMarco never had a game under 5 points. The point is, both of these guys have tons of potential but can’t stay healthy. I like DeMarco Murray this season more but I wouldn’t want to rely on him.

Which WR in the 20-30 range this year do you think has the best shot at breaking into the top 10? – @k_wang32

20 – Mike Wallace, 21 – Torrey Smith, 22 – Pierre Garcon, 23 – Antonio Brown, 24 – Eric Decker, 25 – Steve Smith, 26 – Tavon Austin, 27 – James Jones, 28 – DeSean Jackson, 29 – Greg Jennings, 30 – Anquan Boldin (Percy Harvin taken out)

Looking at this list, I’m not sure that any of them can make it into the top 10, haha. If I had to pick one player, I guess I will go with Eric Decker (call me crazy). I still think Decker will be good even with Welker there, and the other guys on this list don’t inspire me. Torrey Smith maybe but without Pitta he is going to get serious attention from defenses. Garcon also has a shot but his health concerns me. I think Decker is in the best offense of the group and even though he was TD dependent last year, you know that offense is going to be moving up and down the field a lot, so in my books he’s got the best shot (finished 8th in standard last year according to ESPN scoring).

One player that you are avoiding because of ADP or situation this year? – @k_wang32

Well Kenny, I’d like to give you just one but when I went and looked at some ADPs I found more than one and since you’re one of my favourite followers, I figured I would give you more than you asked for. The first guy I don’t want on my teams this year is Danny Amendola. His ADP (4.12) I don’t really like because you’re passing on guys like Cam Newton, Reggie Wayne and Ahmad Bradshaw (all ADPs similar), not to mention he likely won’t play a whole season. He will get a ton of targets in New England, but his health is a concern to me and I don’t like guessing if he will play or not. Second, David Wilson is a guy that a lot of people are high on but I am not. He’s got a lot of potential, some comparing him to Jamaal Charles. I just think that Andre Brown isn’t just going to go away and spending a late 3rd round pick (3.08 to be precise) is a lot for me for potential. Passing on guys such as Roddy White, Andre Johnson, Darren Sproles and Victor Cruz is too much for me. I wouldn’t avoid him but at that price, personally I’m passing. A couple other guys I am avoiding are DeMarco Murry (3.03) and Darren McFadden (3.07) for their price as well as their injury concerns. Not my style to deal with injuries every week at a position that you need reliable players in. Lots of potential but I can’t justify that price tag.


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