LOS ANGELES RAMS – Professor’s Flash Card.


LOS ANGELES RAMS – Professor’s Flash Card. This article focuses on 3 tables and their analysis.

  1. 2020 PPR Rankings with Player Uncertainty Levels
  2. 2016 to 2019 Positional Based PPR Fantasy Point Averages (FPA), Team Usages, and Differences from 2019 to 4-year Averages
  3. 2015 to 2019 Team Level Targets Per Game, 2019 Usage, 5 Year of Targets/Game Usage, and DIFF in 2019.

I suggest these will present a landscape of simple data from 2019 vs the current 2020 preseason rankings. Link to my Current Rankings Below.



2020 PPR Rankings with Player Uncertainty Levels

This Table includes:

  • Team
  • Bye Week
  • Position Rankings
  • Position
  • Overall Name
  • Fantasy Sport’s Professor’s Rankings (Scale of 100 to 0-Green to Red)
  • Uncertainty Level of High, Average or Low

The DST is ranked DST7 and is viable for 2020 drafts. The Kicker is not ranked.


Goff was a solid QB in 2019 and was able to support 2 WRs as well as TEs in passing. I have him at QB15 for 2020 and he is a nice QB2 type with low uncertainty. He has upside but not as much as you might think.


The RBs crew is minus Gurley which then opens it up. The LAR drafted the interesting rookie RB Cam Akers. Akers has a nice set of skills including pass-catching out of the backfield as well as blocking ability. That last trait ensures he is in the mix. I have ranked him RB25 for this depth of ability and think he could inherit the lead by the midseason. He has an upside with low uncertainty.

Henderson should be the RB2 type and I rank him at RB39. Good handcuff as Akers is a rookie and could be slower in getting going. Excellent alone value. The long-shot is M Brown ranked at a distance RB75. He is an injury factor play in best-ball etc.


Given the defense and Goff’s abilities, I predict the TEs are well used in 2020. Higbee is a nice TE6 and Everett being an injury TE2 type at TE34th. The RedZone is where the TEs thrive and I expect that Higbee gets near his 2019 targets of 19 vs Everett of 8 but Everett could collect much more with Higbee out. Everett is a sneaky best-ball play.


The LAR lost Cooks and have Kupp and Woods at WR13 and WR17 with low uncertainty. Goff favors Kupp in the RZ as determined by Kupp’s 18 vs Wood’s 9. Note Cook’s only have 5. Expect both at WR2s with low WR1 upside. I have been taking Reynolds at WR79 ranking in best ball as he is a WR3 on the team and did get 4 RZ targets in 2019. Van Jefferson is a WR121 ranking and he is thought of highly by the LAR staff. Nice dynasty stash and a WR4 upside in 2020. Best-ball late play.

LOS ANGELES RAMS - Professor's Flash Card.


2016 to 2019 Positional Based PPR Fantasy Point Averages (FPA), Team Usages, and Differences from 2019 to 4-year Averages

This table presents:

  • Team
  • Position
  • 2016 to 2019 Fantasy Point Averages 
  • 4 Year Sum of Averages
  • % of Positional Usage by the 4-Year Date
  • % of 2019 Team Usages
  • DIFF – 2019 vs last 4-year % Usages (Improving or Declining)

LOS ANGELES RAMS – Professor’s Flash Card.  Firstly, In 2019, LAR QB and TE prospered by increased usages of 2.4 and 4.4% as measured by Fantasy Point usages. Goff the QB really lined up his TEs in 2019 and you can expect the same connections for 2020. The two TEs in 2019 were 11th. Tyler Higbee and 22nd. Gerald Everett, a nice pair of TE1 and 2s.

Next, the RBs and WRs were used at a lesser level of -5.6 and 1.1%. The 2019 RBs left on the Team after Gurley was moved on were  Brown, Malcolm, and Henderson, Darrell. However, acquiring Cam Akers in the draft suggests the LAR staff were not so high on Brown and Henderson. Akers should be the lead dogs early in the season with the other two These RBs could be an RBBC for the RB2 spot in 2020. It’s a tricky backfield battle to monitor as Brown and Henderson were near the same FP for a 16-game level. Brown did have a better FP/G stat and that suggests an advantage for 2020. I think Henderson could be a best-ball play as a late RB play in 2020.

The WRs were good but did see a decline but the issue is Woods/Cooks/Kupp were expected to be 3 WR1/2 types on the same team. Cooks is gone and Kupp is expected to be the WR1 with Woods being the WR2. In 2019 they were ordered like this, 7. Cooper Kupp 14. Robert Woods and 75. Brandin Cooks.  Woods vs Kupp in a battle for WR1 exists for 2020. QB and TE TOPs

LOS ANGELES RAMS - Professor's Flash Card.


2015 to 2019 Team Level Targets Per Game, 2019 Usage, 5 Year of Targets/Game Usage, and DIFF in 2019.

This table contains:

  • Team
  • Position
  • 2015 to 2019 Targets Per Game
  • 5 Year Average of Targets Per Game
  • %2019 Usages in Targeting
  • % 5-Year Positional Usage Average

DIFF 2019 vs 5-Year Average of Team Positional Usages

LOS ANGELES RAMS – Professor’s Flash Card. Overall Comments: 2019 saw a strong decline in the RBs by -9% in Targets per Game metrics. LAR did draft a Flashy rookie RB (Cam Akers), but the concern remains as the usage of RBs was an unbelievable 13%. The RBs are  Darrell Henderson RB39, Cam Akers RB25, and Malcolm Brown RB75. A usage of 13% is weak and that limits upside and places the drafter to look at Akers only as he is the RB1 type.

Next, the TEs had a strong year in 2019 up by 4% T/G and they are Tyler Higbee TE6 and Gerald Everett TE34. Higbee is a solid play in a 36% usage situation with Everett the injury handcuff.

Finally, the WRs were the main show in 2019, moving up by 4.8% in a 50% usage of T/G. The team jettisoned Cooks leaving Woods and Kupp as the 1A/1B types. Again, take the cheapest in your drafts.

Interestingly, The complete WR list is Cooper Kupp WR13,  Robert Woods WR17,  Josh Reynolds WR79, and Van Jefferson WR121. Given the usages, Reynolds or maybe Jefferson seems a nice late-round play in redraft and best-ball leagues.

LAR TLOS ANGELES RAMS - Professor's Flash Card.


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