My Draft Dudes: Levante Bellamy

Name: LeVante Bellamy
Position: RB
School: Western Michigan
Heigh: 5’8”
Weight: 191


Bellamy was awarded the 2019 MAC Offensive Player of the year after finishing the season #1 in the NCAA in rushing TDs with 23 & #10 in the NCAA in rushing yards(1472). To top that off, he ran a reported 4.28 in June of 2019.

Now, you may see those results from this past season along with that 40 time and think to yourself “why are we not hearing more about this cat?” Well first off, Bellamy plays at Western Michigan and they aren’t exactly the most well known team in college football.

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Secondly, Bellamy tore an ACL in 2016 & he broke an ankle in 2017. With Western Michigan not getting the air time that some big time schools get, his opportunity to make himself a household name was to produce, injuries prevented that. After suffering those injuries, he bounced back. He played all 13 games In 2018 & 2019. Bellamy had 235 touches in 2018 and 289 touches in 2019.

Vision/Instincts: Bellamy sees the field very well and does a good job finding running lanes. He is an ideal fit for an offense that uses the zone blocking scheme. He shows great instincts when taking the hand off and immediately avoiding contact from penetrating d linemen or blitzing lbs. This is something he does often. Vision/Instincts/Quickness are all combined and showcased when he uses his jump back cut(See Michigan St. 2019 film, 3rd QTR, 14:50 remaining).

Elusiveness: Slippery. Quick cuts keep defenders from getting hands on him. When watching his Michigan St. 2019 film, his elusiveness jumps out early and often. Michigan St. held him to only 44 yards on 15 carries(2.9 YPC) but how he earned those 44 yards was impressive. The Spartan defensive line lived in the Western Michigan backfield in that game and Bellamy made the 1st man miss, play after play.

Outside Running: I’ve seen him get to the edge in situations where it didn’t even seem possible. Even when it looks like he’s contained or that an edge defender has the angle on him, he manages to outrun them to the corner. He’s very fast and hard to contain.

Inside Running/Power: He isn’t going to scare defenses with his ability to plow through the middle of their line but his speed and ability to take a short gain the distance will. When watching his film, I noticed he was used more on inside runs than I would have expected him to be given his size.

Bellamy takes what he can get and usually finds a little bit of space even when it doesn’t look like there is any. He’s not going to waste time in the backfield trying to make something happen that isn’t there. Every now and then he takes an inside run the distance when LBs get washed out and DBs take bad angles or get caught sleeping.

Home Run Ability: This kid has a great combination of burst and vision. His film is filled with more Home Runs than the 2019 New York Yankees. When the combine is being wrapped up, as long as Bellamy gets an invite, we will be talking about him as one of the fastest players in this class. The kid can scoot. He knows how to press the defense to keep them attacking while also keeping himself in position to get to the edge and turn it up on them.

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Ball Security: In 2018 he fumbled 4 times and lost 3 of them. In 2019 he seemed to clean up his security a bit, he had 1 fumble and lost it.

Blocking/Blitz Pick-Up: He gets in the path of the defender but gives up ground upon contact.

Hands: 45 receptions over a 2 year span(2018-2019). Catches the ball well out of the backfield and focuses on pulling the ball in even when contact is close.

Final Thoughts

Levante flashes star potential. The combination of burst, vision, and patience make him a very intriguing prospect. I am looking forward to watching him at the Senior Bowl against the top competition in the nation.

Projected Draft Round: 4th-6th

Question Mark: Injury history is a little alarming. Given the competition he played against, i’m afraid to buy in completely. Is he really a dude or is he just a good athlete beating up on lesser competition. The Senior Bowl will be HUGE for him. Kareem Hunt was a small school player(Toledo) who showed out at the Senior Bowl and put his name on the map…let’s see if Levante can do the same.

Comp: Phillip Lindsay and Matt Breida

Team Fit: Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets


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