Week 1 Snaps Report

Week 1 Snaps Report

Week 1 Snaps Report

The Week 1 Snaps Report gives players a view into the Team’s system. Does the team use RBs more than WRs? Does the team rely on their WRs? These are key questions for lineups, DFS plays, and waiver wire selections. 

Using this Week 1 Snaps Report

I always suggest players use a broad view of a Team’s activities. I start in this Snap Report by looking at the positions. These tables include:

  • Team
  • Position
  • Player Snaps
  • Team Usages (Measured by Snaps)
  • Scaled Team Usages (Metrics determined by subtracting the league average)

RUNNING BACKS Week 1 Snaps Report

The table is sorted by high (blue) scaled usages to low usages (red). The key RB using teams in week 1 were CHI/IND/CAR/ARI/JAX/WAS. The teams with weak RB usages were PHI/DET/KC/OAK/CLE/NE. Obviously, some of these teams players scored even with low usage. These metrics give more clarity as the season rolls on. 


RB Scaled Week 1 Usages Bar Graph Left to Right

A visual key of the week 1 metrics. Interesting to see shifts in week 2. 


Week 1 Snaps Report TIGHT ENDs

The key teams are OAK with Waller seemly a got to grab guy? KC/MIN/BAL/PHI/NE/NO are other higher TE using teams. Concerns over ARI/CHI (Injury issue?)/DEN/CAR/PIT TEs. 



TE Scaled Week 1 Usages Bar Graph Left to Right

Week 1 Snaps Report slide4-3.jpg

Week 1 Snaps Report WIDE RECEIVERs 

The key WR using teams in week 1 were ARI/DEN/LAR. These were top 3 teams above the league average. Watch these teams in the following weeks for level 2 and 3 WRs that will be highly used this season. 

Concerns exist for OAK/IND/BAL/NO/TEN. Watch week 2 trends. Your level 2 and 3 WRs from these team might be less productivity. 

Week 1 Snaps Report Slide5


WR Scaled Week 1 Usages Bar Graph Left to Right



Week 1 Snaps Report Team Context for Positional SNAP Based Usages with Key Ratios

These tables present a series of key data elements.

  • Team
  • Position
  • Player Snaps Averages for Positions
  • Team Usages
  • WR/RB – Ratio gives a clue as to the Teams rushing vs passing philosophy looking are WR vs RB. 
  • TE/RB – Ratio spot the teams that game plan for their Tight Ends. 
  • WR/TE- Ratio measures a teams strengths in passing TE vs WRs
  • Averages for each Ratio for high vs low judgments

Search for the Team extremes for a judgment call. For example, the ARI team does not use its TE (low 0.41 TE/RB Ratio and high 3.54 WR/TE ratio).

Use ratios for DFS play and seasonal long lineups. 

Week 1 Snaps Report Slide8



Week 1 Snaps Report Slide11

Week 1 Snaps Report Slide12

Week 1 Snaps Report Slide13



Player Usages Snaps vs Team Analysis

The next series of tables include:

  • Team/
  • Position/
  • Player Snaps/
  • Player Usage within Team

I look for tiers within Snaps and Usages. Some players are highly used in-game with lower snaps. We are looking for opportunities and trying to determine the Team’s game scripts. 

Running Backs 

The Following Teams need their RBs: NYJ, ARI,  JAX, and CAR. Heavily used RBs in week 1 are usually solid for week 2. 

Some interesting players :

Chris Thompson WAS at 64% usage (Guice injury) 

Giovani Bernard CIN at 61.5% (Mixon at 37%-injury?)

Devontae Freeman ATL at 46.4% (Weak Week Usage) Caution vs Ito Smith at 46.4%. The supposed RB 1 and RB 2 were equal! 


Tight Ends

The following teams used their TE highly: NE/PIT/NYJ/MIN. The issue is blocking TE vs pass-catching TEs!  The preseason hype on Vance McDonald at 96% and Njoku at 84%, was confirmed.

Surprises include:

  • Fant DEN at 83%
  • Olsen CAR at 74%
  • Hooper ATL at 74% 
  • These were all higher used than Kelce and Kittle


Wide Receivers

The following Teams needed their WRs: MIN/OAK/DET (Had the top 3 players in usages for week 1)


  • Deebo Samuel SF 38.7% 
  • John Brown BUF 38.1%
  • Nelson Aghlor PHI at 34.9%
  • Taylor Grabiel CHI at 34.5%


Team Usages Snaps per Positions

These Team specific Snaps and Snap based Team positional usages are colorized from high to low. Team landscapes can define pecking order and handcuffs. 

I use to note handcuffs. Add key used handcuffs in possible

Look at pecking order. Does the Team have a clearly WR1? or is it WR 1A 1B and or 1C? This can be interesting for DFS stacking plays as well. 

I will comment on interesting metrics. Green X mark some interesting players to me. 


Note the ARI WRs seem to be a 1A to 1D committee


The RBs are RBBC.

Sanu led the WR crew. 3 Way WR crew


BAL RB is a 4-way scramble?

TEs are a TEBC crew

WRs are clear Roberts WR 1A and Snead 1B


Clear RB 1 Singletary at 47.1%

Knox TE 1

WR John Brown WR 1 38% vs Beasley WR 2 31%


Clear RB and TE

WRs 1A and 1B Moore and Samuel 37% vs 36.5%


CHI RBs seem a committee but Cohen was dominating at 42%

CHI WRs  1A and 1B  Robinson vs Gabriel (36% vs 34.5%)


RB Bernard did well 61% vs Mixon 37% (injury)

TEs Uzomah clear TE 1 at 56.8%

WRs – WRBC 1A 1B 1C ( Willis Ross Boyd 32% 30% and 29%)


Clear RB1 Chubb and TE1 Njoku

WR committee of 1A 1B (Landry and OBJ 34% usages). Not sure who is the WR 3?


Clear RB 1 and TE 1

WRS 1A 1B 1C Gallup, Cooper and Cobb at 28 28 and 26% usages.

Cobb could be a sneaky WR 4 for your team. 


RBBC Lindsay and Freeman 

Fant dominate at 82% TE usages

WRs 1A 1B 1C Sutton Sanders and Hamilton 33 33 and 39% 


RB1 with Johnson 45% usage

TEs- Interesting Hockenson 52 but Jesse James at 41% (higher than I expected)

WRs- Seems to a be Golladay 41% WR 1 followed by Jones WR 2 at 34% and Amendola at 22%. 


RB 1 with Jones 51% note J Will at 35% as the RB 2

The TEs seem 1A 1B with Graham 39% and Lewis at 38%

WR1 Adams clear 40% vs MSV at 27% WR 2A and Allison WR 2B (MSV a little higher than expected I would have thought Allison > MVS)


Clear RB1 and TE 1

WRs 1A and 1B Hopkins vs Fuller 35% both.  WR3 is unknown?


Solid RB 1,  TE 1, and  WR 1 (note with Funchess out Rogers? steps up as WR2?)


Nice RB 1 and TE1 

WRs 1A 1B 1C. A committee here with Dede vs Conley and Chark at 30 to 26%


Solid RB 1 and TE 1

WRs solid  WR 1 is Watkins followed by Harman and Robinson (These 2 KC WRs could be solid pickups. 


RB 1 Clear. Surprised at a lower use of Jackson 20% vs Ekeler at 61%

TE – Hunter Henry injured leads to Green or Culkin? Does LAC bring in a new TE?

WR 1A and 1B  Allen vs Williams 35% vs 27%. Note Williams injury opens up Benjamin and or Inman. Watch list players. 


RB = For all the talk on Gurley, he had a 70% Usage vs Brown at 27%

TE 1A and 1B Higbee vs Everett (57% vs 43)

WRs – We continue from 2018 of a 3 way WR Crew Woods>Cooks>Kupp all at 30% ish usages


Solid RB 1 and TE 1

WRs – 1A Parker at 29% 1B Hurns ar 27% and 1C Grant at 23%.

Surprised at Hurns in here.


Clear RB 1, TE 1, and WR 1. 

Surprised at Diggs at 32% vs Thielen at 47%.

I think this gap would be closer over the season. 


RBs 1A, 1B, and 1C- typical NE RBBC show. Note that Develin was a surprise and Michel was 4th in RB usage was also not predicted. 

WRs – Committee WR 1A and 1B of Edelman and Dorsett (37% vs 33%).

Brown joins the fray. Dorsett usages drop? Or do we see a three-way committee? 


Solid RB 1 in Kamara at 64% usages with Murray at 23%. Surprised at this split and I believe this usage gap closes as the season rolls on. 

Cook and Hill TE 1 and 2 57% vs 43% usages

WRs- Thomas WR 1 at 36% followed by a WR 2A and 2B Ginn vs Smith at 30% vs 26%


Clear RB 1 and TE 1

WRs committee with WR 1A and 1B of Shepard 36% vs Latimer at 32%.

Note Fowler was not too far from Latimer 32% vs 27%. 


New QB as well changes the landscape caution indicated! 

Clear RB 1 but with Bell maybe injured? Monty figures to be used along with Cannon?

TE 1 Griffin at 93%

WRs by Committee 1A, 1B, and 1C of Anderson 33%, Enunwa at 32% and Crowder at 32%.

Enunwa is out so does it go the WR 1A and 1B of does Bellamy move up? 


Solid RB 1 Jacobs at 60%, TE 1 Waller at 65%, and WR 1 of Tyrell Williams at 45%.

Note WR Grant surprisingly was at 34% while a lot of buzz on Renfrow at 13.1% Watch List players.


RBs – Rb 1 Sanders at 46% followed by RB 2A Sproles and Howard 2C 29% vs 22%. A COmmittee like circus here. Caution

TE 1 Ertz at a nice 60% usage

WRs by committee. WR 1A, 1B, and 1C of Jeffery, Aghlor, and Jackson at 35% to 30%. Surprised that Agholor was used as high. An interesting player to watch!


RBs 1 and 2, We see Conner vs Samuels of 58 vs 42% usages. Samuels seems a solid handcuff with stand-alone value?  

TE1 clear

WRs – WR 1A and 1B at 27% usages of Moncrief and JuJu. Switzer, Washington, and Johnson all seem to be in the mix for WR 3! 


RB 1 with Carson at 71% solid Bell-Cow RB

TEs- 1A and 1B Dissly and Vannette of 53% vs 47%

WRs by committee. Locket at 33%, Metcalf at 28% and Ja Brown at 28%. Brown on my watch list! 


RBs – Committee with Brieda, Juszcyzk, and Mostert. Coleman’s injury leads to high Mostert usages? I purchased him in FAAB leagues for cheap! 

TE1 Kittle 17 a strong 73%

WRs 1A and 1B with Samuel and Goodwin at 39% and 32%. Potential adds for this week. James at 17% is the WR3? Watch list guy?


RB Committee. Dare O was the top used TB RB (surprise). I purchase him in FAAB leagues for cheap. Barber at 33% and Jones at 29%. I would not invest too much in this 3-way crew. 

Clear TE with Howard at 56%. He was the right play week 1 but bad result! Do not discard! 

WR committee with Godwin at WR 1A and Evans at 1B (36% v 34%). Perriman a clear WR 3. Watch list guy! 


RB 1 and RB 2 are Henry and Lewis (55% vs 39%)

Interesting TE Committee of Smith, Pruitt, and Walker at  34%, 31%, and 27%. Surprised at the usages of Walker. Caution. 

WR- WR 1 is Davis at 35% followed by WR2A, 2B, and 2C of Sharpe, Brown, and Humphries all at 23 to 17% usages. Surprised that Humphries was so lowly used. Caution. AJ Brown may be the better play in here. 


RBs – Guice is out so Peterson and Thompson ar ethe show. However, the snap usages are not known. Thompson has stand-alone value.

TE – Davis stepped up due to Reed injury. Reed should be back soon. Davis is the must-have Reed handcuff.

WRs committee of Quinn, McLaurin, and Richardson art 33%, 31%, and 26%. Buzz on the Rookie McLaurin and I purchased him in FAAB.


See my Week 2 Rankings at link below. 



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