2019 Re-Draft Stock Watch 8-19-19

News Influences Stocks

You’ve heard many times on the news something along the lines of this: “Transportation stocks fell today, largely due to the announcement that there will be an increase in the price of oil.” Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad news for you. You may own stock in oil fields or fuel companies.

We will look at some examples where football news may have a negative impact on your team, yet be a boon for a competitor. It works both ways, so we will examine good news for you too!

Jerry Jones responded “Zeke who?”

Some people will read this and figure it just Jerry being Jerry. Savvy owners see the potential of a long holdout on the horizon. Ezekiel Elliott has already made it known that he is not happy with the way Jones is handling his contract situation. This statement only strengthens each side’s resolve. The result right now is Elliott’s stock is falling slowly each day. To make matters worse for Elliott and better for Dallas, is Frank Pollard is having a very good pre-season. This not only makes the Cowboys a little more comfortable heading into 2019 without their best running back, but Pollard’s stock is starting to climb. Pay special attention to this situation. If you are the 4th or 5th pick with your fantasy draft coming up soon, you will want to forego Elliott for someone like David Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins.

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Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said he wants Chris Carson targeted 50 times

What does this mean to fantasy owners? First off, if you play in a PPR format, Carson is up for more catches. He was only targeted 24 times in 2018. This means a higher ceiling for him heading into 2019. Carson’s 1,151 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs went virtually unnoticed by many “pundits” this year. While on the surface, it looks like more receptions, it also means that Carson has established himself as “The Guy”. While Rashaad Penny is slimmer and looking good in pre-season, I see his stock dipping. This is not to say Penny won’t be draftable, but Seattle is taking no chances by playing Carson in pre-season. This is a stock indicator pushing his value up.

Sam Darnold was hot in Atlanta

This is one of those statements you may hear about anybody in the pre-season. Yet, you should pay attention. When the Jets went to Darnold early in his career, and through all the struggles, Darnold has become the leader. He has a good report with his receivers and now has arguably the best back in the NFL. Darnold has a good arm and can run. This bit of news really has no adverse effects either.  Darnold’s stock is rising along with Robbie Anderson and Quincy Enumwa in particular. Don’t be afraid of some Jets on your fantasy squad.


Here were just three little headlines that can really impact your fantasy draft. You can see how a bit of news can affect your strategy and influence your picks both positively and negatively. Take this news and use it wisely. Just because you don’t want to gamble on Zeke doesn’t mean it is bad. Take the next stud and supplement later. Unless you love the thrill of gambling, let the other guy take that chance. With all the injuries in a football season, why in the world would you want to make further gambles on you title chances? Read the news, use it wisely and win!!


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