Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview

by Stepmom Lauren

Week 15 TNF: LA Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Yay!  Another incredible mathcup for Week 15 TNF!  Points, points, and more points!  I can scarcely contain myself.  Before I jump into the Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview, I want to touch on last week’s game with Jaguars and Titans.

Never, ever, ever in a million years did I foresee Derrick Henry busting off the game of his career.  For that, I apologize, but I don’t have ESP.  For all of you who started Henry, I’m very happy for you.  For those of you who did not, I am sorry and I feel your pain.

Henry has inspired me to create a special title for each of my TNF breakdowns from here on out.  I am going to call out one player who I think (a.k.a. completely guess) will have a huge game.  He will be my “Unicorn” for the week.

As we all know, TNF games can be very weird, and last week was no exception.  So, what do we do with this Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview?

QBs: Philip Rivers (LAC) & Patrick Mahomes (KC Chiefs)

Rivers is ranked 5th on FantasyPros after Mahomes, Big Ben, Jared Goff, and Drew Brees.  So, unless you have those quarterbacks, you are starting Rivers.  Furthermore, Adam Rank from the NFL Network believes this will be a huge game for Rivers.  The Chiefs are ranked 5th worst on ESPN for fantasy football points against the QB, allowing 25 passing touchdowns and 4 rushing towndowns to the quarterback.

While Rivers isn’t exactly known for his swift footwork, those 25 allowed passing TDs look awfully nice.  Plus, this should be a high scoring game with a 56.5 point spread.  The Chiefs have forced 11 turnovers, but a veteran like Rivers should bounce back just fine.

Mahomes is ranked…. what?…. Number 1??  How weird, I say flatly.  Sure, the Chargers are 4th best against the quarterback, but honestly, it’s Mahomes.  He is a fantasy football freak of nature.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis: Unless you have Mahomes, Big Ben, Goff, or Brees, your starting Rivers.  I would even start him over Goff if it were my team, but you make that decision and don’t blame me for it.  And, of course, you’re starting Mahomes.

LA Chargers RBs: Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson

Oy!  Why can’t they just rule out Gordon already so we don’t have to go through this yo-yo of start/sit emotions again?  If he does start, do you really have the choice to sit him?  You know as soon as you do, he’ll blow up on your bench.

However, here are some comforting words from Yahoo Fantasy’s Matt Harmon, if he plays “he walks right into a prime matchup against division rival, Chiefs.”  They have “allowed 5.1 yards per carry and 20 catches to running backs over the last 4 weeks.”

So, let’s hope he suits up and is healthy enough to play.

Austin Ekeler is officially “questionable”, but the Chargers have stated that they do not expect him to play, so keep that in mind when you’re setting your lineup.

Oh, Justin Jackson.  What happened last week?  You didn’t call, you didn’t write, you didn’t show up for the game…  It’s ok, I forgive you.  The Chargers have also said they want to give Jackson a heavier work load and it looks like he has gained the team’s trust over the last few weeks.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  If Gordon plays, you have to start him.  Just make sure he’s not in your flex position, especially in W/R/T formats.  Go ahead and move him into your RB position if he is a go on TNF.  Ekeler will most likely be sidelined, so make sure he’s out of your lineup.  Lastly, if Gordon does not start, look for Jackson to have a bounce back game against an abysmal Chiefs run defense.

KC Chiefs RBs: Spencer Ware, Damien Williams, Darrel Williams

Ok, can we make it a mandate in the NFL that you cannot have more than one player in the same position have the same last name?  Seriously, a black hole above Arrowhead stadium might swallow the world with all these Williams’ running around the field between the Chargers and the Chiefs.

I digress.  The biggest thing to keep an eye on here is Ware’s status.  He is questionable and did not practice Tuesday with a shoulder and hamstring injury.  He did return to the game last week, so that does bode well for his chances and his missed practice may just be precautionary.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview:  Watch Spencer Ware’s status!  If he does play, go ahead and start him.  If he does not play, look for Damien Williams to get the workload with his buddy Darrel Williams just being a nuisance in his target volume without producing anything fantasy relevant.

Chargers Keenan Allen

Stephen Dunn – Getty Images

LA Chargers WRs: Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Tyrell Williams

Again with the dang Williams’!  Ahem.  Let’s start with Keenan Allen who has finally given us some fantasy production over the past few weeks.  The Chiefs are not nearly as terrible as the Bengals and Allen will continue to be a WR1 for Week 15 TNF.

If you know which Chargers Williams is going to get the touchdowns this week then please choose my lottery numbers and message me on Facebook.  With that being said, the Williams’ combined for a total of 9 targets in last week’s game against Bengals, so there is that.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Definitely feel good about starting Keenan Allen in this matchup.  Unless you can guarantee that Mike Williams or Tyrell Williams will score a touchdown, I would avoid starting them unless you’re super desperate and in deep PPR leagues.

KC Chiefs WRs: Tyreek Hill, Chris Conley

So, apparently, Hill is actually Wolverine and can heal in minute unlike us mere mortals.  From what I have read, Hill is expected to play Thursday even though he told reporters, “My foot’s bad”.  But, he still went back out, injured, and saved the day.

Does it really matter if his foot hurts?  If he is a go on TNF then you have to start him.  With Sammy Watkins out, I really thought Chris Conley was going to have a bigger fantasy impact.  He was only targeted 3 times and hauled in only 2 of those 3 targets.  Since the Chiefs like to spread the ball around, it wouldn’t surprise me if Conley was practically invisible again this week.

Or will he…….?  WARNING!  UNICORN ALERT!  I have no idea why, but I think Conley might actually have a good game.  If Hill is on the field drawing double coverage, and Ware is banged up, they will need to rely on someone to get the ball into the end zone, right?  Well, I don’t know for sure of course.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  If Tyreek Hill starts then you should go ahead and plug him in your lineup.  Conley may have a chance for a game, but I am not relying on it.  Remember, the Unicorn call is just a guess, and I have zero evidence to back me up.  Plus, I just want the chance to look smart and say “I told you so” if it actually happens.

LA Chargers TEs: Antonio Gates, Virgil Green, Macaulay Culkin

I kid, I kid!  But, no.  I’m avoiding all of these TEs

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Yeah, no thanks.

KC Chiefs TEe: Travis Kelce

For crying out loud, it’s Travis Kelce… does anything more need to be said?

Well, actually, according to my good friend Adam Rank from the NFL Network, he believes that Kelce may not have the production we are used to seeing.  In his words, “the Chargers have owned Travis Kelce over the years.  OWNED.”  Yes, the second “owned” was in all caps in his message to me.  I promise.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis: Start Kelce, but temper expectations, according to Adam Rank.

LA Chargers & KC Chiefs DST

Meh…. Chargers are actually not a good play this week like they have been in weeks past.  FantasyPros has the Chargers ranked 28th this week and the Chiefs ranked 18th.

Week 15 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  I am not high on either of these defenses this week.  Try hitting the waiver wire for teams like the Falcons against the Cardinals (30% owned Yahoo), Giants against the Titans (26% owned Yahoo), or even the Lions against the Bills (23% owned Yahoo).

Good luck this week everyone!  For all of you who lost in Week 1 of the playoffs, I feel your pain.  The Upside Down of Fantasy Football just had to be on Week 1 of the playoffs.  Boooooo.


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