NFL Notebook Week 12

This week of NFL action felt like the football gawds resetting the scale following last Monday Night’s Chiefs vs Rams game. It was uneventful for the most part and the games went just about as expected. It’s safe to say that naps were a plenty and that there should never be a Sunday without Rams, Chiefs or Saints game ever again

Jaguars Continue to Falter

Down goes Jacksonville! Following their seventh consecutive loss, this time against the Bills, the Jags decided it was time to move on from offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Good news is he plans to enter the family business of Revolutionary War reenactments.

Along with Hackett getting the boot the Jags sacked starting quarterback Blake Bortles, who is hoping to use the free time to get that guest spot on The Good Place. Don’t worry Jags fans, all 5 of you, Cody Kessler will be getting the nod. Great things should be expected.

Along with Kessler taking the reins from Bortles, coach Doug Marrone announced quarterbacks coach Scott Milanovich to offensive coordinator. Cause nothing screams good idea like promoting the guy responsible for the quarterback you just benched.

Good thing they still have Leonard Fournette…oh wait he just got suspended for this Sunday’s game for running across the field and throwing haymakers at Buffalo Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson. At least there was some excitement during that game.

Think it’s safe to say that the Jags playoff window has been shut, locked, and boarded up. Maybe next year they can try this 1990’s model of football, as I’m sure it will make a comeback.

49ers & The NFL Just Have To Be Better

The 49ers released linebacker Reuben Foster following a domestic violence arrest on Saturday night at the team hotel in Tampa. This is the latest incident with Foster who has a track record of DV incidents. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan said the team was unaware of an altercation that happened in October with the same victim.

The 49ers claimed that they had a zero-tolerance policy with Foster and domestic violence, but clearly he was given several chances to not being a horrible human being, all of which he failed to do.

Foster served a two-game suspension to start the season for a misdemeanor marijuana possession and gun charge, but he also had domestic violence charges against him. These charges were dropped because the woman recanted her story, something that seems to happen far too often.

She is allegedly the same woman from October & Saturday night. My only hope is that she makes it out of this situation without any further damage, both physically and mentally.

Foster should never play another snap of football and the 49ers should be looked at about the October incident. The NFL needs to do better, and we can say that till we are blue in the face, but that doesn’t mean those in charge will actually listen.

Quick Slants

-Listened to the Monday Night Football commentary for the first time in a few weeks and somehow Jason Witten has regressed yet again. I get it being his first year, but has he even shown any signs of improvement?

-Hue Jackson getting another NFL head coaching job is the greatest social experiment we can perform on the Bengals’ fan base.

-Michigan defensive lineman Rashan Gary declared for the draft on Monday, two days after losing to Ohio State. I fully expect Gary to be one of many to follow in the footsteps of Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette, and Denzel Ward and skip the bowl game this year.

-Giants’ Head Coach Pat Shurmur might not be cut out for the head coach life. He certainly can bring the guys together and motivate them, but his in-game decisions are questionable.

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