How to Be Both a Fantasy Football Commissioner and a Manager

What’s up fake football lovers?! Do you struggle with how to be both a fantasy football commissioner and a manager in your fantasy football league? Us commissioners often get placed on a pedestal within our leagues (usually by ourselves) and can get lost in the game you are supposed to be playing. Thank you to this reddit user for the suggestion on this article!

Being the Commish:

You need to be stern, flexible, accommodating, harsh, open to suggestions, organized, and consistent. There are other traits you should have, but the plethora I’ve laid out here should sum up most commissioner experiences.

Communication is key: You have a responsibility to communicate openly with your league and give everyone a fair shot at winning. If you change roster positions, scoring settings, payouts, or anything at all within your league, let the people know. Any change you make without informing the rest of the league can be considered cheating. The last thing you want is to give yourself an unfair advantage and lose the respect and trust of your league.

Be open and receptive to feedback: It may be your league, but you have several people playing this game with you. Listen to what they have to say! You don’t have to change your league based on every suggestion your league mates give you, but give them a chance to suggest improvements. Don’t be afraid to ask the league what you could do better as a commish too – constructive criticism is one of the best ways to improve yourself in any aspect of life.

Be consistent in your decision making: The worst thing you can do is flip-flop, as you’ve probably seen in any political debate ever! Keeping your decision making, thought process, and the law & order in your league consistent, helps eliminate any sort of accusations of unfairness. You never want to make a decision where two managers not including yourself are involved, then change your stance once you become a part of the same issue.

Being the Manager:

You play to win the game! It’s as simple as that. No matter what type of commish you are, you’re still competing with your league to take home the championship. You should never feel guilty for winning your own league, unless you purposely deceived your league (please don’t do this… e.g. add 5 yards per return yard and not tell anyone). You can talk trash to the league, but don’t ever take it farther than you would allow others to.

Blending the Two Together:

Think about what you as the manager wants out of your commissioner and do it for your league. When you’re making decisions for the league, or for managers in the league, you have the ability to put yourself in their shoes when making tough decisions. You must remain unbiased throughout any decision-making process, but you can still empathize with both parties based on how you would feel in their shoes.

That’s it for this week’s commissioner corner – short & sweet! Have you had an issue segregating duties between being a commish and a manager? Leave a comment if you have! As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter with any suggestions, feedback, or nonsensical tweets you’d like me to respond to.


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