Devy Stock Up/Stock Down – Week 1

Each week during the college football season I’ll be giving a Devy player whose stock has risen and some that have fallen.  This can help you target devys, add players to your radar, or see how your devy roster is doing.

Stock up:

Artavis Pierce, RB, Oregon State

Junior Artavis Pierce was handed the key to the Oregon State RB spot and had a tough match-up against Ohio State in Week 1.  Despite the Beavers getting trounced, Pierce showcased his speed and outside rushing skills that NFL teams will look for.  Though not a popular name, he clearly has this job and will be productive.  This past week’s game will be one that NFL scouts go to to see a player with good vision and excellent change of direction skills.  Perhaps even more important for the NFL, and fantasy players, is that Pierce had 3 big receptions for 41 yards, showcasing excellent hands and the ability to turn and run after the catch. If Pierce is still available in your devy league, he is a definite add before his name becomes a household NFL Draft name.

Stock down:

Cam Akers, RB, Florida State

Akers topped my Devy Rankings as the #1 overall pick, so I obviously was looking forward to watching him prove he is the best RB in college football against Virginia Tech in Week 1.  That simply didn’t happen.  In the first half, Akers had 9 rushes for 7 yards and started the 2nd half with a -5 yard run.  He looked unsure of himself and did not trust his blockers trying to clearly make a big play behind the line of scrimmage.  If it wasn’t for an 85 yard rush late in the game, Akers final stat line would look horrendous (including a lost fumble).  With a new coach and system, Akers did seem comfortable and this could come back to hurt his draft and devy stock.  He is still a hold, but if you can swap him for another top 20 RB, it is worth considering.


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