Original Piggy Heads to Bleacher Report

Darn you Bleacher Report! I knew this day would come. You plant a seed, watch it grow, watch it blossom, and then it’s gone. It’s kind of like watching your firstborn move out. So proud of them, yet sad and torn that they are leaving. What can you do to make them stay? What more can you offer? Then you realize, you’ve helped mold them for this next step, and pride fills you.

Our Original Piggy Richard Janvrin, the first writer we ever “hired” at FakePigskin, has gotten the call to the Big Leagues. He has accepted a fantasy football writing position at Bleacher Report. Being that he has been with us since damn near our inception, it’s a bittersweet moment for me.

I remember in the beginning when I used to dread editing his articles. The talent was there, his takes were hot. He spit fire and backed it up. He wasn’t afraid to predict exact stats or call Joe Flacco elite. But his grammar was terrible. He typed so fast and had so much info to tell you about that grammar be damned! I used a lot of spell check etc on his work in the early days, but it was worth it because his articles were fun to read. It wasn’t just a metric-filled bore fest. I enjoyed reading them. Then one day he submitted an article and I had nothing to correct. At that moment, I knew Richard had turned a corner in his writing, and his articles just got better. Did I help with any of this? No, Adam and I simply gave him the platform to hone his craft with no restrictions, and encouraged him to write more…

I’m  proud of you Richard. I hope nothing but the greatest of successes for you in the future and you know I’ll continue reading your work. You always have a home at FakePigskin and will be a Piggy for life.




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