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When you become immersed in the fantasy football world, you seek out fantasy information through articles or podcasts. These are helpful resources to help you dominate your league. The fantasy world brings with it a new culture, thus its own language labels or Fantasy Slang. However, much like the English language, sometimes I feel as if people throw around the labels without giving much thoughts about the meaning of the word. Language has the power to influence thoughts and change people’s perceptions. People often deny being influenced by others because it is not in our nature to give power to others to influence us. There is also a rebellious nature in our culture that wants to go against the grain. Now that you’ve read this, do you feel a little tinge of rebelling against my writing about your rebelling? :p This is known as the double bind. In this article, which I hope to turn into a series, I will be dissecting fantasy lingos and build a sort of Fantasy Urban Dictionary. The hope is that you readers will critically think about the products you consume and what kind of impact they may have on consumers. Today’s word of the day

Bust –Any players who were inexplicably hyped, because experts tell people that they are good without doing actual homework and base on box score scouting and/or youtube highlights. But ultimately player proved themselves to be not as good as originally advertised”

The word Bust or its related cousin “Overrated” or “Overvalued” gets thrown around in everyday fantasy lingo. Generally, people understand Bust = bad. So, simple kindergarten math, want more good and say no to drugs…I mean bad. Consumers, such as I (and hopefully it is a thing of the past) often “knows” what to do next: If my team has a few busts, I need to sell high as much as I can before my competitor finds out. The Bust/Overrated label also impacts later player acquisition in other league drafts, trades, auction bids, or waiver wire moves. Seems straightforward, right? Right? Riiiiiight?

But let’s take a step back and critically examine this. When you hear an analyst or an article use the word Bust, pay attention to the context it is being used in. Is the author referring to Bust about draft position or is it outright writing off of a player? For example, Emmanuel Sanders might be considered a bust/overvalued player based on his Average Draft Position (ADP). So, it is not necessarily that Sanders is a player to avoid, but that the price has to be right in the manner of when to draft him. The other instance when bust might be used is as a way of writing players off, such as someone like Tavon Austin. For me, Tavon is a player I refuse to buy even if he’s a waiver fodder. This is a more definitive statement as an owner to not buy a player that I believe has lost all positive values he once held.

So, why is it important to be exact about this label? Well, I have often seen fantasy owners take the words of articles or podcasts the wrong way. When a consumer hears an author mention that player X is overvalued or will be a bust in terms of ADP, it can negatively impact the consumer’s overall impression of player X across different leagues. The fantasy owner who has player X on his pre-existing dynasty team might go into full turtle mode, and refuse any type of offers coming to his/her way, because of the fear that other owners are trying to buy low or low-ball him/her. Conversely, I have also seen owners who don’t own player X, take a 10-foot poll approach in avoiding the player all together. Both of these strategies can stifle any productive trade talks, and also gives the negative vibes to your teammates. I guess in some way, this is one of the reasons why I do not like to use ADP as a means of gauging trade values. In my opinion, ADP value is not applicable to already existing dynasty teams.

The next time you hear the word Bust or Overvalued, take into consideration how it is being used, before you take actions that ultimately proved to be unhelpful to your team and enjoyment of fantasy football.

Do you know other lingos that are being thrown around willy-nilly? Send them my way at @SomethingAbtFtb

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