Fantasy Football: More On 2020 Vision

2020 Vision

Let’s go into more detail on to a subject I brought up in my previous article – 2020 vision. When you look five years down the road, where do you see your team? Sure, in dynasty you can typically get players today and can hold them forever if you like. There’s another side to it as well. When you are looking at a league that exists beyond year one you also have to consider what’s going to happen next year and the year after that. In 2QB dynasty leagues, all eyes are on which quarterbacks are coming into the NFL in the next few years. This year the big names were Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota and I already wrote an article about Garrett Grayson who I would recommend spending some late capital on in 2QB dynasty leagues.

Next year there is already speculation that three quarterbacks will be drafted in the first few picks of the NFL draft – Cardale Jones, Christian Hackenburg and Connor Cook. It may go up to four or down to two before the year is over, but three starters being named so early is a good sign for the 2016 class. For this reason, I would recommend stocking up on 2016 early draft picks if you are in a 2QB dynasty league. You will need to get picks within probably the first five picks in 2016 to land one of the top QB’s if they produce in 2015 as they are expected to.

At this point in the year people may be in the midst of rookie fever and not looking to trade away picks; but keep at it all year long and opportunities should arise when someone feels they are one running back away from a championship this year or gets hyped up about the latest news blurb on a tight end. Also don’t be afraid to trade away today’s capital if you’re not as interested in who’s available. If you can trade a 2015 second round pick this year for a first next year it might not be a bad idea, cashing in on rookie fever. Or maybe offer a moderately interesting player plus a 2016 second rounder for a first rounder next year. The best time to get a QB is in the rookie drafts as people start hoarding them right away. If you’re leveraging a successful roster already then you will be winning the league, but then you will be subject to late picks in the first round next year and not able to keep the train going. The best thing to do is to start accumulating now so that you can have multiple picks to look forward to years down the road while your league mates are looking at the prize in front of them. 2016 is not so far away in a dynasty league. Start planning for it now, and 2020 vision will keep that train rolling.


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