The ABCs of IDP

So fantasy football has begun to kick off as draft season is just getting warmed up, and I’m here to tell you how much fun it is if your league made the switch to IDP (Individual Defensive Players). It’s challenging for sure, especially if some league owners don’t really pay attention to the defensive side of the ball or just know the whose who dig deeper. If you’re skeptical of it, just try it out and I’d suggest starting (1DL, 2LB, 2DB) and see how that goes; if it all goes well then add more starting spots the following season to make it even more interesting. If you’re unsure on how to do the scoring, there are many ways to do this and make each position valuable – just hit me up on Twitter @IDPwithBEE_8o8 for suggestions.

The IDP movement has begun and I hope you’re along for the ride. There is no other way to play fantasy football – at all. Get your league together, discuss options and come to the dark side as it’ll be the best decision you and your league will ever make. If you’re still unsure, I provided some ABC’s for you.


A game-changer for fantasy football veterans and newcomers

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Because relying on offense is too easy


Chandler Jones is Jon “Bones” Jones’ brother


Defense WINS Championships (Ask Bowman owners in 2013)


Everybody is doing it; well not everybody, and that’s going to change


Focusing on the defensive side of the ball is tons of fun


Getting prepped for draft has never been so fun


Heard through a grapevine, the IDP Evolution has begun


Intensity has doubled or maybe even tripled on Sundays


J.J Watt will score more points than most of your offensive players


Kuechly is a name to be reckoned with and pronounced correctly


Linebackers are your foundation


MIKE is not the name of a man but the man of the defense


Negative points don’t exist in our (IDP) world


Once you go IDP, there’s no turning back


Pick-Six is that “after one, you want more” craving


Quite the challenge, if you’re up for that type of thing


Relying on an IDP to win a weekly matchup is absolutely the best feeling, ever.


Shutdown corners are not your friends


Team Defenses get you negative points or barely even 5 points


Understand the depth charts, you’ll thank me later


Vic Beasley is that rookie you want


Watt is worth mentioning again, he probably sacked your QB again as well


X’s and O’s – we like O’s and clobber the X’s


You should be following @IDPwithBEE_8o8 on Twitter for IDP content and help along the way


Ziggy may have the Ansah for your defensive end needs


This was all about fun and showcasing you a little bit of what IDP can do for you. It’ll change your life (OK, not that dramatic) but you’ll crave fantasy football even more (if that’s even possible). There’s nothing better than watching your IDP laying down the big hit while giving you points at the same time. If you’re considering the switch there’s a bunch of information on twitter or you can always consult with me and I’ll provide you many options to this aspect of the game.


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