Angle of Pursuit: Breshad Perriman

Breshad Perriman

Breshad Perriman – University of Central Florida

Height: 6’2, Weight: 212 pounds

Comp: Demaryius Thomas


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  • His explosion off the line is ridiculous
  • He has the wingspan of a pelican
  • He is the best UCF receiver since Brandon Marshall.
  • Perriman can run most of the route tree despite playing in the spread
  • He can get ample seperation despite routes being less than ideal
  • He plays very physical and was tough to jam
  • He is a capable willing blocker. Playing in a spread offense, forces wide receivers to block constantly. Perriman was on the screen side most of the time.


Breshad Perriman does a ton of things that make you say “Wow!” Unfortunately he does things that make you scratch your head as well. He has some bone-headed drops along with his highlight reel catches. He can have trouble finishing plays. He will beat the defender and get tons of separation — only to drop the pass. Agility is not his strong suit. He is a straight-line player. Perriman does not excel with run after the catch, which is why he mainly blocked on the screen passes. He can take it to the house by catching a pass in stride and running by you. He is not a creative player where he can make big plays on his own. He isn’t a guy you throw a slant to and expect him to put the shake-n-bake on the linebackers and safeties and take it to the house. His routes need work to continue to succeed at the next level. When jumping to make plays on the ball in the air, he can often display poor timing despite having the skills to make the spectacular catch. He put himself in bad spots with the poor timing.

Dennis Digs Deeper

Breshad Perriman is lightning in a bottle. This kid eats up the cushion like a pit bull puppy. His straight line speed is insane. He passes defenders like a Ducati motorcycle. Perriman has some great upside, especially stretching the defense out. He would be an interesting fit in some offenses that like to strike with the deep ball. He jumped off the tape last year when I was scouting Blake Bortles’ last season. I think Bortles owes Perriman some of his money from being the #3 pick last year. Perriman comes from a lineage of NFL receivers. His father was a 1,000-yd receiver in ’95 for the Detroit Lions. I remember watching Brett Perriman and Herman Moore tear it up.

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Breshad Perriman is an impressive athlete that can make tremendous plays, but leaves too many on the field. His inconsistent play will frustrate coaches at the next level between his poor timing and inability to make defenders miss. He has shot up draft boards between his incredible speed and the highlight tapes that can be put together but for me, Perriman doesn’t pass the smell test. Perriman is worth a gamble but there are too many other prospects that I like much more inclduing Jaelen Strong and Tre McBride.



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