MLB DFS: DraftKings Optimal Lineup 4/20

Oh, Monday. What a disastrous day you are in the MLB DFS world. You only give us 9 games and the pitching options are rather underwhelming (which is great because you won’t be forced to spend). You also give us a Colorado game on 4/20. All my weed-head readers will know what I’m talking about. Will the aroma in the sky help the Rockies or Padres players? Probably not, but be prepared for insane prices on players in that game. See Tulowitzki, Troy.

Here we go.


Starting Pitchers


Anthony DeSclafani, CIN ($6200)

Like I said, pitching on tonight’s slate isn’t great. I mean, CC Sabathia is over $8000 (the guys who set that price must be celebrating 4/20 early). I like DeSclafani because he faces a Brewers team that really just isn’t that great. They’re batting .220 as a team, have an OBP of just over .270 and are averaging 2.55 runs per game. The only downside to DeSclafani are his splits versus lefties (LH hit .319 against him last year). He should be fine, however as Adam Lind is the only REAL premier left-handed hitter in the Brewers lineup.


Edinson Volquez, KC ($6600)

Again, a case of the opponent just being bad. Volquez has been good so far this season having scored over 20 fantasy points in both of his outings this year. He’ll get a Twins team that have a team average of .214 which is good enough for fourth-worst in the league so far. They’re also just above league average in strike outs this season.



Derek Norris, SD ($3800)

What a steal. First off, Derek Norris will be in Colorado at Coors Field (and we all know what happens there). Secondly, if you look at his advanced metrics versus lefties, he kills them from last season to now. In 179 plate appearances dating back to last year, Derek Norris has a wRc+ of 155. That’s pretty damn good. I usually punt the catcher position, and Norris, for a second day in a row is a solid option to do so.


First Baseman

Victor Martinez, DET ($4100)

I’m kind of liking a mini Tigers and Padres stack for Monday’s slate. Victor hasn’t been spectacular in his career versus Sabathia, but you can’t ignore the metrics from last year up to now; an ISO of .313 and a wRc+ of 205. He was taken out of Sunday’s game against the White Sox and manager Brad Ausmus noted he wasn’t 100%, but being pulled out wasn’t so much health-related as that the Tigers wee destroying the White Sox. Monitor it, but if he’s good to go, I’m playing him.


Second Baseman

Neil Walker, PIT ($4000)

You know it’s a Monday if you’re starting Neil Walker. HA! Kidding (or am I?). Again, the metrics, man. Gotta love ’em. The plate number of plate appearances (488) go along with a .218 ISO and a 131 wRc+ makes Neil Walker a very hot commodity for tomorrow, and at $4000, he’s a bit of a steal. Start him confidently against Jake Arrieta.


Third Baseman

Todd Frazier, CIN ($4600)

You likely think I’m crazy, and that’s fine. Peralta was a menace vs. right-handed hitters last season, but has struggled so far in the early season. Frazier has also historically struggled against Peralta, but in a very limited sample size (11 AB’s), so don’t put to much stock in to that. Put stock in the .198 ISO and the 124 wRc+ in over 550 plate appearances. I’m feeling 15+ points from Frazier.



Hanley Ramirez, BOS ($5100)

Not only is he pretty much in the “must-start” territory, the stats are insane. Play him.



Mike Trout, LAA ($5800)

I’m not trying to be lazy, but see Hanley Ramirez’s description. Apply that to Trout.


Matt Kemp, SD ($5400)

Pay for those San Diego bats in Coors! The Rockies are putting Jorge de la Rosa out there after coming off the DL and for his first start of the season, and he faces a team that could really make this appearance a forgettable one. Do some stacking of the Padres, I think we see some big flies, and for my sake and this articles sake, from Kemp and Norris.


Rajai Davis, DET ($4000)

Two San Diego players. Two Detroit Tigers. Rajai Davis is another guy who just absolutely murders left-handers. If you start in 2014 up to now, he is hitting .354 against lefties, a .215 ISO and a wRc+ of 168. He hasn’t historically done to well against CC, but CC isn’t the same guy he’s historically been. Over the last two years he’s only faced him four times. Can we see a big fly from Davis?


The final product:

Now go win some money!

Now go win some money!


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