WWE Raw Report 2-16-15

Welcome to the WWE RAW Report. I will be giving a rundown of the show each week as well as my thoughts on what happened. please send me your comments, questions or any other feedback to @Zbullsmoke on twitter.

RAW Pre-Show

Not much happened on this show. Mainly reviewing the past weeks events as well as hyping the Fastlane Pay-Per-View.Darren Young announced his return to RAW only to be interrupted by The Ascension. No idea why they picked The Ascension to challenge him. Have to think Young’s partner is going to be a WWE legend. It’s also announced that Dusty Rhodes will be on RAW tonight to help deal with Goldust and Stardust.


John Cena opened the show. He cuts a promo. Cena talks about being an old man and Rusev, and how it will be serious and no smiles at Fastlane. And how he will be the first man to beat Rusev. Rusev comes out with Lana.. They get the cheap heel heat from the “USA” chant. They both end up brawling. Cena gets the best of Rusev in this encounter.

My Thoughts: Nothing major here. Again kind of nice to see Cena with a little edge and not so much a cartoon character.

There is a short skit with Dean Ambrose as a news anchor.


Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose

Winner: Dean Ambrose.

My thoughts: Decent match. I just feel like both of these guys are getting a little stale. They aren’t doing much with either guy, and I feel like we see them in pointless matches each week.


Backstage segment with Kane, Big Show and Triple H. They argue with each other. Just more stale over exposure from these guys.

Bray Wyatt promo. I still think its for a match against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania

Stardust, Goldust and Dusty Rhodes are all backstage. Dusty does a promo about how they are a family and need to stick together.


The New Day vs Goldust and Stardust

Winner: The New Day. After the match Stardust turns on Goldust.

My Thoughts: Pretty lame match. Cool to see them finally have Stardust turn on Goldust though.


Backstage interview Roman Reigns.

Argument backstage between Dusty Rhodes and Stardust. Pretty good promo from Stardust.


Roman Reigns vs. Kane

Winner:Roman Reigns via countout

My Thoughts: Not a bad match honestly, again I just feel that some of these guys are getting over exposed seeing them EVERY week. I do like the mini feud they are building between Reigns and Bryan though.


ANOTHER Bray Wyatt promo.

Backstage segment with Bella Twins stealing Paige’s clothes. Paige looks around for someone to loan her some gear. She picks one of the Rose buds (Really?!!)


Paige vs. Summer Rae

Winner: Paige. Bella twins come out after the match and cut promo on Paige

My Thoughts: Good match. A little comedy with Paige playing to her outfit. I really like Paige. She has a strong style unlike many of the Divas


Another Sheamus video package. He has to be returning pretty soon.

Seth Rollins promo. Talks about how he should be in the main event at Wrestlemania. Dolph Ziggler comes out and both exchange verbal shots.


Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via DQ when J&J Security interfere.

My Thoughts: Great match! Cheap ending but they have to do that to build the story/feud.


Triple H promo on Sting. Ric Flair interrupts. Great heated back and forth verbal exchange between these two talking about Sting. Triple H pushed over Flair and says nothing stands between him and the WWE not even Flair. Good segment but Flair accused Triple H of having too much time off when Sting has been off longer than Triple H. That part didn’t make much sense.


Darren Young/?  vs. The Ascension

Winner: No Contest?

My thoughts:This segment was a mess. Darren Young’s partner’s name wasn’t even mentioned. Titus O’Neil ran in. Prime Time Players a team again?


Backstage segment with Miz talking to Bad News Barret about taking out Mizdow.


Mizdow w/The Miz vs Bad News Barrett

Winner: Bad News Barrett. After the match Dean Ambrose attacks Barrett. He zipties Barrett’s hands around the post and forces him to sign a contract for them to have a match.

My Thoughts: I can’t stand any of these guys. They are all very stale. This storyline between Miz and Mizdow is completely ignorant. The part with Ambrose forcing Barrett to sign the contract was kind of cool though.


ANOTHER!! Bray Wyatt promo.


Naomi/Jimmy Uso vs. Tyson Kidd/Nattie Neidhart

Winner: Naomi/Jimmy Uso

My Thoughts: *crickets*


Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show

Winner: Big Show by DQ. When he is speared by Roman Reigns. Reigns and Bryan Brawl after the match

My Thoughts: This match was pretty boring to me. I thought it was pretty cool when Roman Reigns walked around ringside signing autographs for the fans and throwing out shirts. That should tell you how entertaining this match was. The brawling between Bryan and Reigns after the match was pretty good continuing this feud.

Overall Show Thoughts:
Disappointing. There was a good match or two and the segment with Triple H and Rc Flair was really intriguing. Other than that it seemed like this week was just a bunch of filler to get through until the Fastlane Pay-Per-View this Sunday.


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