Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings

Week 10 was filled with excitement, and looking at the Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings leaves plenty of hope that Week 11 will follow suit. Plenty of big names will be missing from teams like last Week. DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant being the biggest of the bunch. the pain of Bye Weeks is nearly over, and many trade deadlines are quickly approaching.

Calvin Johnson is in fact back and he looked like his old self, even with the fantastic coverage

Now is the perfect time to get your teams lubed up and ready for the playoffs. That could mean several different things depending on where you are in the standings. If you are 6-4 or better, you likely have a good shot. That also means if you have a solid starting lineup, and a bench of top 75 players you are carrying unnecessary talent. Package and trade up! You don’t need 2 tight ends, you likely don’t need 2 quarterbacks anymore, especially if your teams have had Byes already.

You could target a guy like Calvin Johnson. admittedly, his time may have passed to snag him at a value, but who knows there still may be doubters, or teams with him that are on the edge of the playoffs and need some depth. Check out my post about him last week here. Offer them a few stars for a player who will upgrade your lineup. Don’t make trades, just to trade, but if there is anyone who can tell me the time they won a championship because they had the deepest bench in the league……Well, I can’t WAIT to hear that tale.

As always, follow the entire Fake pigskin team on the site, and on Twitter. You can also submit questions to me @fantsychillpony  and I will answer as soon as possible. Good luck this week, hope the rankings help, and have helped make some tough decisions this Fantasy Season for you. Don’t sleep at the wheel, no matter how good your team is, or seems to be. Make your moves now for the playoffs.

WEEK 11 Rankings

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros



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