Fantasy Football: Cincinnati Bengals are the top week nine defense

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals get to try and follow suit to put up a double digit fantasy point game on the Jacksonville Jaguars in week nine. Last week the Miami Dolphins put up a huge game against the Jaguars, scoring 28 points in Yahoo! standard scoring. You can’t count on two touchdowns from a defense every week, but you can see the potential of any defense against Jacksonville, which is my number one pick is always whoever is playing the Jags. The Buffalo Bills had a nice week scoring 16 against the Jets, while the Jets scored zero because their offense was so horrid that their defense didn’t have a chance. Cleveland was my third pick and they scored a solid 13 points last week, so aside from the Jets, my picks were decent. Hey, that’s a couple weeks in a row my picks have been solid! Hopefully week nine will treat me well again.

Cincinnati Bengals (available in 30% of Yahoo! leagues)

I know these guys aren’t widely available, but if they are make sure you pick them up. Miami had two interception touchdowns last week against Blake Bortles, and even though the Cincinnati Bengals defense hasn’t been amazing this year, I would probably play a high school defense against the Jaguars and expect double digit fantasy points. The Cincinnati Bengals defense only put up five points last week, but the Jags are NOT the Ravens. If you can start these guys, don’t even think twice and you’ll get a floor of 10 points.

Cleveland Browns (available in 53% of Yahoo! leagues)

Cleveland had a nice game last week against a weak Oakland team and they get arguably a better match up going against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Vikings who played Tampa last week had five sacks and a fumble return touchdown for a cool 19 points. Again, touchdowns are fluky but you can see that Tampa Bay is the type of team with a poor offense that could give up a fumble return TD or a pick-six. According to Yahoo! the Buccaneers have given up the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing defenses this year. Giddy up!

Kansas City Chiefs (available in 38% of Yahoo! leagues)

The New York Jets could soon become the new defensive streaming target a la Jacksonville/Tampa Bay/Oakland. The Jets had SIX turnovers last week against the Bills defense. You read that correctly, SIX. Geno Smith and Michael Vick are that bad as QBs, and the Chiefs have an excellent pass rush, recording seven sacks last week against the St. Louis Rams. Even if Michael Vick is starting this week, I love the Chiefs defense because if Vick was good enough to start somewhere, he would already be starting. This game is also at Arrowhead, so expect some Jets offensive struggles due to the crowd noise.

If you are desperate or none of these three teams are available, I really like Minnesota again this week. They are available in 80% of Yahoo! leagues, have recorded at least 1 sack in every game this season, have recorded an interception in five of eight games this season, and Washington gives up the 6th most fantasy points to opposing defenses this year according to Yahoo!


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