Beer Review: Victory Prima Pils

Prima Pils

Victory Brewing Company was founded in 1996 by two life long friends. The company is currently headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The Victory Prima Pils is a year-round offering of the brewery. I have had other brews from Victory, and they have always been top notch. Victory currently has 13 staple brews and many seasonal recipes .

Style: German Pilsner   ABV: 5.3%
Appearance- I was only able to find this beer in a six pack, and would love to try it on tap. The bottle as an illustration of a hop, a hint of the strong flavor to come. This Pilsner has a beautiful light golden coloring and is very clear. There was almost a half inch of head on the pour.
Victory Prima Pils
Aroma- I first noticed a nice light floral scent along with a malty sweetness. This beer has a delicious aroma that almost begs you to drink it.
Palate- Very light and airy on the palate, which is a bit surprising considering the fair amount of carbonation. This beer washes down quickly leaving little after taste.
Taste- The Prima Pills hits your taste buds with a large dose of hops. This is probably the highest hopped Pilsner I have tasted. The finish has a sweet citrus flavor with hints of wheat.
Overall I would say this is a bold flavored Pilsner, but is very refreshing. Although Pilsners aren’t a personal favorite of mine I really enjoyed this beer. If you are looking to try something other than Miller Lite definitely give the Prima Pils a shot.

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