Fantasy Football: Buy Titans’ Bishop Sankey now


There is no better time than now to trade for Titans’ rookie running back Bishop Sankey.

I don’t know about your leagues, but for mine, Week 4 is when all of the serious wheeling and dealing goes down.  Four weeks is a good sample to gauge your roster’s talent, and you can almost determine who is a bust and who isn’t.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are 4-0, 3-1 or at worst, 2-2 since FakePigskin gives you the recipe for success week in and week out.  If you’re toward the top of your league, or if you’re even sitting at 2-2, it’s time to prey on the owners who are 0-4, 1-3 or even a panicked 2-2.

If one of those struggling teams has Sankey on their roster, go put an offer out for him right now.  Throughout his four-game NFL career, Sankey hasn’t put up the fantasy numbers that owners have hoped for when they drafted him in the first five rounds.  Experts tried to warn owners that Shonn Greene, as bad as he is, wasn’t going anywhere.

Sankey has just one touchdown on the year on 24 rushing attempts.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in journalism, and even I know that averages out to six carries per game.  The question is, why?

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt says that Sankey needs to work on his footwork, and when that happens, he will play more.  Footwork or not, Sankey isn’t only the most talented running back on the Tennessee roster, but he’s their best overall skill player.

On those 24 touches, Sankey has rushed for 123 yards, bringing his average to 5.1 yards per carry.  To his credit, Greene has been OK running the ball too, as he has 154 yards on 33 carries.

There seems to be promise, though, as Sankey has seen added snaps the past two weeks.  In every league that I don’t have Sankey in, I’m targeting him heavy this week.  I’ve offered the choice of Sammy Watkins, Golden Tate and Brandin Cooks for him straight up, and I’ll even go as far as Keenan Allen if need be.

Sankey is a week or two away from running away with this job.  Do you know who this reminds me of?  Zac Stacy last year.

Heading into the season, it wasn’t a sexy pick, but people drafted Daryl Richardson because he was the starting running back of a NFL team.  Sort of reminds you of Greene, right?

Enter Stacy stage left.  While Stacy didn’t have the hype coming into 2013 that Sankey did this year, he was still quiet his first two games of the year, as he had one single rushing attempt.  Over the next few weeks, Stacy became the primary ball carrier, and he led multiple people to fantasy championships.

The best part is that while I don’t think Sankey is the most talented running back in the world, and it’s mainly his opportunity that makes him a must-own, he’s ten-times the athlete that Stacy is.

Out of Jerick McKinnon, Isaiah Crowell and the other potential starting running backs on your waiver wire, none of them come close to reaching the potential that Sankey has.  Pony up, and get Sankey on your roster before it’s too late.


Other guys you should target:

Malcolm Floyd — Quietly having himself quite a season.

Chris Ivory — Forget Chris Johnson‘s long run last week.  It’s the Ivory show in New York.

Rashad Jennings — 1. His owner may panic over his workload and lack of work last week. 2. He faces the Falcons this week.  Top 10 player rest of the season.

Brandon Marshall — Pray he misses this week, and go and get him from a concerned owner.


Guys you should sell high on:

Eddie Royal — It would be legit with Danny Woodhead out, but fool me twice….

Martellus Bennett — He always has a horrible second half.  Sell-high while the window is there.

Steve Smith — He’s proved me wrong so far, but do you really expect this to continue?

Eddie Lacy — Yes, he’s on the right list.  I had my concerns about him entering this year, and so far, he just doesn’t look good.  Trade him on his name alone.

Eli Manning — He has a cupcake schedule coming up, but I’m not trusting him.  Find the Kirk Cousins owner and make a deal.


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