Fantasy Football: Smooth sailing for Drew Brees in Week 4

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McCoy seemed non-existent in Week 3. He should rebound in Week 4

McCoy seemed non-existent in Week 3, but he should rebound in Week 4

Week 3 once again felt normal as well as added a few more surprises. Drew Brees looked relatively human against the Vikings with 21.8 points in Week 3. However, this week he faces off against an even worse defense in Dallas, and with Peyton Manning on a bye it should be smooth sailing to the number one spot on quarterback rankings.

In the surprise of Week 3 Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy was somehow bottled up for only 22 yards. Shocking right? Even more shocking is the Eagles still managed to put up 37 points without their star player as the focal point. That should be frightening to any defense.

Some new quarterbacks will be taking over thanks to injury, or poor play. Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater will now be entrusted with their offenses, and will also make a first appearance on my weekly rankings. See who I like more for Week 4 below.

Remember to pay attention to bye weeks, but don’t panic and fall prey to the bye week trade hunters. I happen to be one of them from time to time myself. I am targeting Demaryius Thomas owners after a mediocre Week 3, and now the bye in Week 4 he may have a few on edge owners. If you own him, hold! If not, gun for him.

It is also what I consider to be a critical week in fantasy football. If you are 0-3 right now you have a 9 percent chance of making the playoffs. However, if you lose this week??? Well you are plummeting to a 3 percent chance. Odds are not in your favor. This is however fantasy football, and if you have played a while you know that anything is possible, and to never give up. You could pick up the next Alfred Morris, or another waiver wire gem who can spark your team to playoff contention.

For those who are wondering “What if I won one game? Am I in much better shape?” Well, sort of. If you are 1-2 right now you are sitting on a 27 percent chance of making the playoffs. If you lose this week? You drop down to 16 percent. Not nearly as meager of an 0-4 start.

Needless to say every week counts, but once I saw these percentages a lightbulb came on and the importance of week 4 was born, and will forever exist each and every fantasy season. Good luck this week everyone!

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