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St. Louis Rams’ QB Shaun Hills is a top “cheap play” in Week 1 (via kdsk.com)

Daily Fantasy Football Guide: Week 1

Welcome back to another wonderful season of daily fantasy football. The goal of the Daily Fantasy Football Guide is to give you a one stop shop of high value picks from each of the major DFS sites. One FakePigskin writer will tackle a site, and give you a three sections of DFS insight:

Top 3- Simply put, the top 3 players on the site at each position with the best value giving you multiple options to create the optimal lineup.

Stack Attacks- When you want to double down on a QB/WR/TE combo or trio, this is where you turn. Higher risk is involved with stacking players, but allow for higher upside in your tournaments. You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

Expert Roster- Each writer provides one roster that will be in play for them that week.

By Evan Hale, @EHaleYea

Top 3
Nick Foles vs. JAX $8,500
Tony Romo vs. SF $8,300
Shaun Hill vs. MIN $5,000

Reasoning: Shaun Hill is my cheap play for the weak. He’ll allow you to allocate a lot of money toward your running backs, which is the optimal strategy in cash games. Hill faces off against a Minnesota Vikings team that gave up the most fantasy points and passing touchdowns to opposing quarterbacks last year. A nice matchup to take advantage of with a dirt cheap play caller who gets to start the season off at home.

I really like stacking Nick Foles and any of his pass catchers (Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Zach Ertz) this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. None of these pass catchers will break the bank (highest being Cooper at $5,900). The Jags were in the bottom of most defensive categories last year, and the high octane Philly offense will dominate this matchup.

Montee Ball vs. IND $8,000
Frank Gore @ DAL $7,200
Joique Bell vs. NYG $6,800

Reasoning: My favorite play from these three is Joique Bell. He’s taking on the New York Giants at a very reasonable price. Bell has been used sparingly in the Detroit Lions preseason, as the bruising back will be relied on to do some heavy lifting this year. Frank Gore obviously also has a wonderful matchup against a Dallas Cowboys defense that has actually gotten worse from last year. Use the veteran back while he’s got some pep in his step early in the year.

Demaryius Thomas vs. IND $8,700
Riley Cooper vs. JAX $5,900
Marqise Lee @ PHI $4,800

Reasoning: Again, feel free to plug and play any of the Philly pass catchers. That should be a blood bath. Marqis Lee is the sneaky play for the week, as Cecil Shorts is expected to miss week one. The rookie WR will be the primary receiver as the Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing catch up all day long.

Jason Witten vs SF $6,500
Jordan Reed @ HOU $6,100
Zach Ertz vs JAX $4,500

Reasoning: I forsee J.J. Watt and Jadaveon Clowney wreaking havoc on the Washington Redskins offense this week. Checking down to Jordan Reed will be necessary to stay alive for Robert Griffin III. The San Francisco defense is riddled with injuries and suspensions. This game will be tighter than I initially thought. Jason Witten should be free across the middle as San Fran’s main concern will be staying over the top of Dez Bryant.

Stack Attack
PHI vs JAX Nick Foles $8,500, Riley Cooper $5,900, Zach Ertz $4,500
CHI vs BUF Jay Cutler $8,000, Brandon Marshall $8,100, Alshon Jeffery $7,800
DET vs NYG Matthew Stafford $9,300, Calvin Johnson $9,200, Golden Tate $4,500

Expert Roster
Salary $60k

QB: Shaun Hill $5,000
RB: Jamaal Charles $9,800
RB: Adrian Peterson $9,300
WR: Demaryius Thomas $8,700
WR: Roddy White $7,000
WR: Marqise Lee $4,800
TE: Zach Ertz $4,500
K: Graham Gano $5,200
DEF: Kansas City Chiefs $5,400

Reasoning: I found some cheap options at quarterback, tight end, and wide receiver that allowed me to splurge elsewhere. As we touched on before, if you want a bottom of the barrel QB this week, Shaun Hill has potential to produce. I have two elite running backs and one elite wide receiver on this roster giving me an excellent foundation. If my cheap plays exceed value, which isn’t a stretch, this should be a winning roster in cash games.

Draft Kings
By Eric Florin, @That_RedGuy

Top 3
Tony Romo vs. SF $7,500
Josh McCown vs. CAR $5,600
Geno Smith vs. OAK $6,500

Reasoning: At first glance, it would seem that Tony Romo does not have a great matchup this week against the 49ers, since they were one of the better all-around defenses last season. But my mom always told me not to judge a book by its cover.

Looking at the 49ers defense I noticed that they lost five of their starters this off-season. In addition, Aldon Smith is suspended for the first nine games and Navarro Bowman is out at least till week 7 with an injury. Yes they made the addition of Antoine Bethea, which can be considered an upgrade over Donte Whitner but it may not be enough. With these key pieces missing from last years vaunted 49ers D, Romo is in for a much easier matchup than most would expect.

Andre Ellington vs. SD $6,000
Joique Bell vs. NYG 5,500
Frank Gore @ DAL $5,200

Reasoning: Ranking in the bottom in every defensive category last season, there was no chance that the Dallas Cowboys could have gotten any worse on defense right? Wrong. They did. Losing key defensive players Jason Hatcher, Sean Lee(injury), and Demarcus Ware the Cowboys defense is in for another awful season. All offseason analysts continued to say that Gore was done, that he had no more tread left on his tires. Good news is it’s week 1, Gore will be well rested and ready to burn some rubber.

Terrence Williams vs. SF $4,600
Roddy White vs.WAS $5,900
Andrew Hawkins vs. PIT $4,500

Reasoning: There are so many great values this week on Draft Kings, especially at the Wide Receiver position. Andrew Hawkins is the one that stood out to me. Many remember him from being the third or fourth wide-out in Cincinnati. He is in Cleveland now, and with Josh Gordon gone for the year, the lone targets for the Browns are Jordan Cameron, Jordan Cameron (not a typo), and Andrew Hawkins. Hawkins should get a healthy amount of targets, even if the Browns want to play a ground and pound style. The scoring on Draft Kings is point per reception, giving guys with low price tags like Hawkins great value.


Zack Ertz vs. JAX $4,100
Heath Miller vs. CLE $4,000
Martelleus Bennett vs. BUF $3,800

Reasoning: 2013 was somewhat of a disappointing season for veteran Tight End Heath Miller. Heath did not miss a game last season, but he did have knee surgery before the 2013 season. He never had the proper time to fully recover. Reports and the eye ball test in the preseason game show that Heath looks like his old self. It seems Roethelisberger is still not on the same page with wide receiver Markus Wheaton, look for Big Ben to rely on his old trusty tight end.

Stack Attack
TB vs. CAR Josh McCown 5,600, Vincent Jackson 5, 600, Mike Evans 4, 500 Total: 15,700
DAL vs. SF- Tony Romo 7,500, Dez Bryant 7 800, Terrence Williams 4,600 Total: 19,900
ARI vs. SD- Carson Palmer 7,500, Michael Floyd 6,000, Larry Fitzgerald 6,700 Total: 20,200

Expert Roster
Salary $50k

QB: Josh McCown $5,600
RB: Andre Ellington $6,000
RB: Frank Gore $5,200
WR: Roddy White $5,900
WR: Michael Crabtree $6,100
WR: Demaryius Thomas $ 8,100
TE: Zack Ertz $4,100
FLEX: Vincent Jackson $5,600
D/ST: Texans $3,100

Reasoning: I went with part of my Tampa Bay stack-attack, the Panthers are another defense that was great last year, but they lost quite a few starters in the secondary. By using part of my stack attack it allowed me to maximize my roster, giving me a little extra money to spend on a guy like Demaryius. I do not really see me changing this entry, though I may take out Crabtree due to his calf injury. I will likely enter this lineup in a couple of 50/50 contest this Sunday.


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