FakePigskin Exclusive Interview: Brady Quinn

I had the privilege of being granted an exclusive interview with former NFL first round pick Brady Quinn. I’ve always been a big Notre Dame and Cleveland Browns football fan, so naturally I’ve always supported Quinn. Not only do I have both his home and away Cleveland jerseys, my son and girlfriend also own his jersey. I was fortunate enough to be able have the opportunity to speak with him and pick the brain of an NFL player. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and I hope you enjoy.


CH: Most people know that you were a Cleveland Browns fan before you were drafted by them. What’s your second favorite team/city to play for?

BQ: Well, I only was with them in the offseason, but playing with the Seattle Seahawks during the preseason and offseason last year (2013) was one of my most enjoyable times playing football. Coach Carroll and GM John Schneider do a fantastic job of making it a fun environment that breeds competitiveness. They were always so welcoming to my family and I really enjoyed spending time in that city.

CH: Who’s one of the funniest people you have met in the locker room/field?

BQ: Sage Rosenfels is one of the funniest guys I have ever played against and been around on the field.

CH: Are you sick of people saying you were a potential bust in Cleveland? Do you want to go back to prove what you can  really do?

BQ: The opportunity to go back and try to turn things around in Cleveland would be great. Unfortunately the franchise has continued to have so much turnover that it’s hard for any player or coach to succeed. It would be nice if they were able to have some stability there and allow players to grow together and become a true team: one that could play together for a number of years.

 CH: If you could go see any band live right now who would it be?

BQ: Bastille.

CH: Do you play fantasy football? Do you think it’s good or bad for the sport?

BQ: I don’t play fantasy football but I think it’s great for the sport.  It allows people to continue to watch multiple games even though their team may be out of the playoffs. It also forces them to find a deeper understanding of the game of football in order to select the best fantasy team.

CH: You were part of the team that lost to the “Bush Push“. Have you ever talked to Reggie or any of the other players about that play?

BQ: I have spoke to a few players that I played against in that game. At the time, we didn’t have replay which may have impacted the end of that game. I don’t blame him for cheating to win. I think given those circumstances, most athletes try and do whatever it takes to win.

CH: Your sister wore the half ND/Half Ohio State  Jersey, did that go over well in the family?

BQ: She has now been married to AJ (A.J. Hawk) for almost ten years. It was so long ago that no one really thinks or talks about it. At the time, I think she thought it was a way to support both of us, and something that become somewhat of a fashion trend after that game.

CH: Where are you in terms of rehab? Are you hoping to be back on the field in 2014 from discectomy surgery?

BQ: I had a microdiscectomy of my L4/L5 disc. I am 7 months post-operation and I feel great. I’m hoping in the next few weeks, I will get the opportunity to go back to playing football with a good team.
CH: Lastly, where can people find you Twitter, blog, etc.?
BQ: @3rd_Goal is my Twitter handle. I don’t have a blog however. My foundation is 3rdandgoalfoundation.org. There you can find all of our recent events and projects. We make homes handicap accessible for veterans that are wounded in combat.
CH: Thanks for your time, Brady. 
For each person that clicks on this link I will donate $0.50 to the 3rd and Goal Foundation. 




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