Magnum P.I. Reboot: Who Plays Thomas Magnum?


Growing up in my home as a child of the 80’s, Magnum P.I. was a staple. My dad appreciated the fact that Tom Selleck “was a cowboy actor” starring in many a Louis L’ Amour movie. My mom on the other hand was in love (which is disgusting as I think back). The sexy ‘stache and flowing chest hair was apparently very appealing to women back then. Not to mention Magnum in particular was filmed in Hawaii, making those short shorts show off the tan even more. My buddy Jeff Miller, who writes for, happens to be a huge fan of him also, and even pays homage to Thomas Magnum via his twitter avi. He and I got to talking about the great Thomas Magnum and who would be able to fill Selleck’s shoes. So of course I had to make my 2014 writing debut about who could fill them. I asked twitter to help me think of some guys who had the ability to do it. Here’s what they came up with…

Luke O’Neill says: Rob Delaney – I admit I don’t know much about Rob. He is funny as hell on twitter and very inappropriate, which bodes well for his comedy act and my own personal tastes, but to replace Tom Selleck? I just don’t think Delaney can pull off the patented Hawaiian shirts.

Joe Zoopa says: Matthew Perry – Ummmm…. No… I get what he was saying as the scraps collector, as Perry seems to now have a new “primetime” show every other week, but no, this is just pure blasphemy.

Salvatore Stefanile says: Tommy Wiseau or Jason Lee – Ok, Tommy Wiseau made me laugh out loud. The actor is best known for Directing, Producing, Writing, and Starring in the movie The Room, which has widely been voted as the worst movie of all time. He does have quite the cult following though. I’m sorry but the guy just creeps me out. Replacing Selleck? No thanks. Jason Lee is an intriguing prospect. He does have the closest thing to “the ‘stache” as we can get nowadays. But every time I see him with that mustache all I can think of is Earl, and I’m sorry but I can’t have a dimwit criminal turned lottery winning good guy play Magnum P.I.


There is only one answer that is correct in whom you get to play Thomas Magnum, P.I. It’s Tom Selleck. Bring him back to reprise the role. Drop the Blue Bloods crap and bring Tom back! If you dare try to reboot this show with anyone but Selleck, Jeff and I will burn Hollywood down…


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