2014 NFL Draft Quick Peeks: Cleveland Browns


Like the St Louis Rams before them, the Cleveland Browns have two first-round selections in the 2014 NFL Draft. Most fans expect them to take a quarterback and a receiver early in this draft, and one or the other could be the pick. Continuing in the “Quick Peeks” series, the Browns are on the clock.

Who Should They Pick?: If Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater are off the board, there’s a question on whether the next two quarterbacks are worth the number four spot. Jadeveon Clowney is definitely worth it, and if he’s there, he should be the pick, as he can play in either the 4-3, or the 3-4.

Who Will They Pick?: If the picks fall as predicted in the earlier articles in this series, then Teddy Bridgewater is available and would be the pick. He’s the most ready to start right away in the NFL, and that suits Cleveland fine. They are an instantly better team.

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Backup Plan: The Browns have been connected with Johnny Manziel since the end of the season. He is more raw than Bridgewater, but his ability to create with his feet could appeal to a Browns team desperate to compete in a though AFC North.

Darkhorse: Like the Jaguars before them, linebacker Khalil Mack would also make sense, though it’s not as likely. Mack would improve Cleveland’s already solid defense, and gives them another pass rusher to boot. Fans might not like it over a quarterback, or Sammy Watkins, but they’d love watching him play.

Trade?: The Browns have plenty of picks in this draft, and the firepower to move up if they really want to ensure themselves Bridgewater or Bortles. They will get value at number four, so it might not be worth it, but it’s certainly something to watch for.


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