2014 NFL Draft Quick Peeks: Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jacksonville Jaguars play a pivotal role in the early part of this draft, as their decision could impact what several teams do. They have many needs, and figure to better the team regardless of which direction they take. Here’s a look at the third pick of the draft.

Who Should They Pick?: If the first two picks fall the way they should, the Jags have to decide whether or not to take one of the quarterbacks, or the most dominating player in the draft. In the NFL, you don’t win without a quarterback, so the right pick would be Blake Bortles.

Who Will They Pick?: There are rumors that the quarterbacks might not be as highly thought of by teams as some would think. Taking this into account, Jadeveon Clowney might be their best option. He’s an unbelievable talent who could redefine what a defensive end is.

Backup Plan: There are worse backup plans than Teddy Bridgewater. He’s the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft, and could start right away. There are size concerns, but as far as on-field skills, he has it all. He would certainly make the Jaguars a better team.

Darkhorse: If the Jaguars decide to go another direction, and it’s fairly unlikely, linebacker Khalil Mack could be it. He’s worthy of a top three selection talent-wise, but this would definitely be a surprise selection.

Trade?: The Jaguars could use extra picks as much as any team in the draft. If the first few picks fall the right way, a team looking to move up for Clowney, or one trying to get to Bridgewater before Cleveland picks, could be contacting Jacksonville.


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