Pigskin Preguntas week 5


courtesy of Greg Newbold’s book The Barnyard Night Before Christmas https://gregnewbold.blogspot.com/2010/11/sneaky.html?m=1

Welcome everyone to week 5 of Pigskin Preguntas! TM. (sorry I watched a bit of the Love Guru with Mike Myers this past week.) I will attempt to rein in my strange sense of humor.

I trust you all crushed in week 4! Can you believe 1/4 of the regular season is over? I can’t. Wow that went fast. It’s been a blast. Let’s see what we’ve got for week 5.

Dallas Moye  @Dallasmoye: “Bye week woes… need 2 RB’s. MJD, Ronnie Hillman, Brandon Jacobs, and Law Firm? Peterson on Bye.”

Wow Dallas, talk about a rough start to the bye weeks. Missing out on Peterson will be huge. I hope you have a stacked team around those RB’s as that is a rag tag bunch. I think out of the two, I would play Hillman and MJD this week. Both have moderately favorable match ups. MJD against STL and Hillman against Dallas. Neither of those DST’s are all that great against the run. These two players also have the most chance of getting work on Sunday. BJGE has been ceding time to the minivan driving (Hard Knocks reference) Gio Bernard and the G-men have actually committed to giving the ball to David Wilson… Hey it’s not Wilson’s fault the entire team has been pitifully awful now is it?

Robert Mulligan @RJMulliganJR: Jordan Cameron has passed Sell High and is now a Must Keep right?

Robert, I appreciate the question. Keep them coming all year long. Yeah. If you were wise enough to snag the former USC Trojan late in your draft you have been dancing these past few weeks. Cameron is only 12 points behind Jimmy Graham for the #1 TE spot! So far he’s been Mr. Consistency. If you’ve got him I think you stay on board that train. Unless of course someone makes an offer you can’t refuse!

Karl Safchick @Karlsafchick: “With Malcolm Floyd out, and the Chargers playing a bad Raiders secondary late on Sunday night, could this be Keenan Allen’s coming out party?”

Karl buddy, I think you may be on to something here. I tend to be hesitant of rookie WR’s in redraft, but the last few years and the start of this season have been kind to us. We’ve seen the likes of Julio, AJ Green, Robert Woods, and Deandre Hopkins have moderate success. Allen may be the next in line to join these guys. It wasn’t too long before the NFL draft that some analysts had Allen as the #1 WR on the board. Then his injury lingered and there were character concerns. The result is Allen fell all the way to the 3rd round.

Keenan has the size, skill and all of a sudden fantasy’s #3 QB throwing him the ball. Facing one of the poorest secondaries this week. I see no reason this Cal Bear doesn’t run rampant upon his first return home to the Bay!

Tom Przybylinkski @Tompryzbylinski: “Do I take Rivers vs Oakland or Rodgers vs Det this week? Help a brother out!”

Tom… this is a tough one indeed. Rivers has been lights out so far this year, and as mentioned above is #3 overall in QB scoring. But… can you really bench the discount double check king? I don’t know that I can advise that, especially coming off a bye having that extra week to prepare. The Packers are struggling and they desperately need Rodgers to show up against a division rival.  Even though Rodgers struggled against DET, I expect a huge game from him. Play Arod with confidence Tom!

Well that’s it guys. As always email me your Preguntas [email protected] or tweet at me @realABC

Enjoy this upcoming week!


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