Week 15: TNF Fantasy Preview Jets @ Ravens

There really isn’t much left to the imagination in this Week 15 matchup of the New York Jets at the Baltimore Ravens. While Sam Darnold’s play has improved since his battle with mono, Baltimore’s defense is still crazy good.

No matter the turnout of this game, there are serious fantasy implications on the line as we make our push to the championship. Let’s take a look at each teams’ defenses and see if we can identify some Week 15 TNF starters.

Ravens Defense vs.

QB: 2nd
RB: 4th
WR: 15th
TE: 1st

There is so little hope for the Jets, it’s almost sad. Le’Veon Bell is now in the middle of controversy after allegedly being spotted staying out late bowling after being ruled out with the flu. How the Jets will handle his nocturnal transgressions will determine if you can play him. If he’s suspended, well, that makes your call easy. Keep an eye on this story if you’re the Bell owner and have a plan if you need to need to pivot.

TE, Ryan Griffin, left Week 14’s matchup early with an injury and as of this article date, has yet to practice. A Thursday game, after getting hurt enough to leave the game, is never a good sign. Even if he was healthy enough to play, the Ravens are the best against tight ends and would have a nearly impossible uphill battle.

Jamison Crowder has practically disappeared in the last few weeks, as Robby Anderson caught fire in time for the fantasy playoffs. FantasyPros has Crowder as the WR39 in half-PPR. If you can afford to bench him this week, it may be the better play, as Darnold may be needing to target his downfield threat in Robby Anderson to compete. Speaking of Anderson, he is the only WR I would consider starting if you have to. After a devastating round of injuries last week, you may have no other option if you had Mike Evans or DeVante Parker.

Jets Starters: Robby Anderson, Le’Veon Bell (if playing)

Jets Defense vs.

QB: 16th
RB: 10th
WR: 23rd
TE: 2nd

While the Jets’ defense doesn’t have the powerhouse numbers as the Ravens, there are opportunities for the Jets to disrupt a teams’ fantasy day. Well, that would be true if we were talking about another team besides the Ravens.

Twenty-third worst against wide receivers, stands out, but it’s nearly impossible to predict if one player will get enough volume to make him fantasy relevant. I don’t even trust Marquis Brown in this matchup.

In classic Mark Andrews fashion, he’s listed as questionable. As I mentioned earlier, playing on a short week with an injury isn’t a good thing. This is especially true when both Hayden Hurst and Nick Boyle found the end zone in Andrews’ absence. This start/sit is going to give me fits until the game is over. As soon as you sit him, he’ll blow up in an unlikely matchup while being injured. It’s happened before.

If you have another heavy hitting TE, first of all, congratulations, second, see if you feel comfortable starting them instead. If you don’t, you may have to play Andrews if he’s considered a go for Thursday night. In this case, consider starting players that have higher upside if you need to makeup for a lackluster production.

Baltimore Starters: Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, Mark Andrews (if you absolutely have to), and DST

Remember to move any starters in this game out of your flex position if you can. You don’t want to be stuck in case of last minute inactives. Good luck this weekend! I hope you all make it to the championship!


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