Week 11 Targets and Touches

Week 11 Targets and Touches

This report, Week 11 Targets and Touches, uses analysis of the metrics on Team, Position, and Player targets and rushing attempts. The more opportunity is the higher the chances for collection of your Team’s fantasy points. This information is meant for deeper thinking and note-taking. If you have deeper benches these metrics allow you to jump into new player shares early for gambling. That is how I use deep benches. I continue to rotate players at the bottom.

Lineup Diary

I would use these Team metrics with my rankings and snap reports to finalize the week 3 lineups. This process is not automatic and easy. I am urging all players to dig deep into their decisions. There is plenty of software to automatically set-line ups. I suggest using a notebook and record your process. This lineup diary can be useful for you to spot weaknesses or strengths in your game by the week or season.

Rankings Link:          fantasy-football-week-12-ranking

Snaps Report Link:  week-11-snaps-report

Defense Against the Positions Week 11 to 16: 


A Visual Plot of Target Averages from Weeks 7 to 11

I have discussed my top-down approach to data analysis. These bigger views allow a deeper feel for the deeper data. Below is the table of Team Target Averages using the first 11 weeks of target data. Week 11 Targets and Touches. Given this point, I shift to the most recent data block and use the last 5 weeks. Any new players and trends will be spotted in these most recent data. 

Average of Team Targets is shown in  Purple to Yellow (Highs to Lows). More PPR scoring from High Target Teams.

  • CAR/DAL/NYG/TB/JAX/LAC/PIT have been the season’s target leaders so far! 
  • WAS/BAL/OAK/ARI/TEN/BUF are the lowest target producing teams



Plot to See Team Scaled Target Averages Weeks 7 to 11

Visualize the High vs Low Passing Teams in Targets and Rate. Commit to memory for increased speed to analyze lineups and DFS plays. 



Targets Per Snap (Rate) Weeks 7 to 11

This metric gives a speed based input into a Team’s targeting activity. Faster targeting should imply more Fantasy Points generated. Key into those players on the faster teams.

DEN/TB/LAC/NO/JAX/DAL are the top fast targeting teams. Move to the top players in these teams (Green Colorized).

BAL/HOU/NYJ/SEA/CIN/PHI/BUF are the opposite types of teams. On average the pass-catchers from these teams might be under-used and could improve with favorable game scripts! Surprise DFS plays maybe! 



Bar Graph of Team Targets Per Snap Weeks 7 to 11

Nice landscape to find the extreme teams for player focus.



Teams With Positional Targeting Metrics Weeks 7 to 11

I provide a broad landscape of data. These tables include:

  • Weeks 7 to 11 Target Averages.
  • Average Targets.
  • %TT (Percentage for that Position’s Targets vs Total Team Targets-Usage Metric)
  • A plot of each team’s positions and their %TT

The %TT metric displays the positional usages and level of importance for the Team’s positions. An injury in a weakly used position is not as critical as a strongly used position. Highly used positions imply the high significance of players. Also, a change in players in weakly used positions can inspire new performances within the team and you can catch on before others. 

Focus on the extremes and unusual using the %TT! Futhermore, each team has a pattern easily seen in the plot of positional %TT (WR-Purple, TE-Blue, RB-Green). Allow the pattern to inspire your week 12 DFS plays and lineups. 


























Summary Data Table and Plots of Positional %TT Weeks 7 to 11

These figures highlight the landscapes for each position. The extremes will be of critical interest. Highest in Green and Lowest in Red! Move-in PPR to the higher targeting teams. 

These positions are sorted by %TT (Blue to Red) and that key us to the value of each position to their team. 


Running Backs Targeting

ARI/CHI/CLE/JAX/NO/GB/PIT/NYG/NYJ/CAR are Team’s where the RB position is very valuable in the passing game.  Key teams for holding the handcuffs as well for your playoffs. Use my strength of schedule article for further focus. 




Tight Ends Targeting

PHI/BAL/SF/OAK/TEN/KC/DEN/IND  are teams where the TE position is very valuable in the passing game. These teams may be viable for handcuffs. I have Kittle with Dwelly in SF for example. Given the state of the TE, maybe I will redefine my TE drafting for next season. Key research topic for the off-season. 




Wide Receivers Targeting

CIN/DET/JAX/NE/HOU/BUF/CLE/TB/LAR/ATL/WAS are Teams where the WR position is very valuable in the passing game. Stack your teams with deeper players before the playoffs. 




Player Centric Target Metrics within Team Environments

Following up on the positional analysis above, I turn to player level metrics for a deeper understanding. I sorted players by %TT within the position. Find the extremes and pecking order for injury.

A great reference for Week 12 in case of injury, just come back here and see the next man up. Also in high use situations, stashing key handcuffs is a solid approach in deeper bench teams. 

Now is the time to set your teams for the playoffs!

  • Team
  • Position
  • Players
  • Weeks 7 to 11
  • Average Targets
  • %TT 




Player Average Targets and %TT by Position

I also like to see the player within the position outside the team. What is the player’s success relative to others in that position in terms of %TT?  One might propose that this list is the order of handcuffs as well. CMC’s handcuff could be worth more than 2% than Barkley’s  handcuff etc. Just a mental exercise to craft stashes in deeper leagues. 

I love to generate the various levels of Target metrics to “catch” all the data for interest. I use to think about my teams, drop/adds/and lineups. Finally, always chase multiple data streams for a full landscape into my thinking. 

One might jot down key observations by teams, positions and or players. Then try to fit these elements together. Practice and note in your playing diary (Handicap your own decisions).  Own your line-ups!






Slide70Slide71Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide72Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide73



Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide75Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide76Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide77Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide78Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide79Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide80Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide81


Team Level Running Back Average Touch Metrics

As RBs can rush as well as pass-catching, we must look into the combined role they have on a team. The “touches” metric tracks this RB activity and enables a deeper view of the Team’s RB usages. 

This table presents the Team Level Running Back Touches from Weeks 1 to 11. Additionally, the table below presents the last 5 weeks Touch Median raw and scaled to the league. Focus on DFS on the high touch teams. 

  • High RB Touch Teams- Green Stained
  • Low RB Touch Teams- Red Stained 

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide83


Plot of Team Touch Averages

Nice Team RB Touch Profiles. Judge the team differences for handcuffs, CLE is number one and HUNT may be the top handcuff to have etc! 



Players RBs (Within Teams) Touches Weeks 1 to 11, Median Touches Weeks 7 to 11

Looking within Teams for RB pecking orders, the recent level of Touches. These metrics give us clarity for the Teams RB crew. Look for new improving players or declining players. Note the extremes and then add or drop players accordingly.



Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide87

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide88

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide89

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide90

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide91

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide92

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide93


Players RBs Week1 to 11 Touches and W7 to 11 Media Touches

Players have been sorted by Median Touches from High to Low (Blue to Red). Focus on all the layers for handcuffs and those RBs with independent value as well! 

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide95

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide96

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide97

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide98

Week 11 Targets and Touches Slide99

Slide100 Week 11 Targets and Touches

Week 11 Targets and Touches


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