NFL 2019 Week 4: Good, Bad, Fugly

Week Four has come and gone…and what is happening? Some of it was pretty good, and then there was the bad…but was there just one fugly moment? Could it be?

The Good:

Not sure that good is a good enough superlative for Tampa Bay linebacker, Shaquil Barrett. It isn’t…but that is what we are stuck with and that is where we will go…

Barrett collected his ninth sack on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. That sacked tied a record for the most through a season’s first four games. But that wasn’t good enough for Barrett. Oh, no. He added an interception and a forced fumble.

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He’s beyond good.

The Bad:

Can we talk for a minute about the defense the Atlanta Falcons are currently putting on the field? The team as a whole is underachieving, there is no doubt. BUT…head coach, Dan Quinn, is also the defensive coordinator. If memory recalls, Quinn got the position because of his defensive acumen.

Hmm, that was then and this is now. Sunday, the Falcons played the Tennessee Titans. The Titans came into the game having got their quarterback sacked 17 times, nine times by one team. And yet…the Falcons emerged from the game without a sack. Not one. The Falcons lost the game 10-24.

They aren’t very good.

The Fugly

Two words: Vontaze Burfict. Those words are unfortunately synomous with all that is fugly. So much so that as of this moment, Burfict is currently unemployed.

He was ejected on Sunday for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle, as Doyle was going to the ground, defenseless.

He will not be paid. This isn’t his first offense.

So now, the Oakland Raiders have lost two of their “star” free agent signings. And they both exited fugly.

To be clear, New England Patriots defensive back Jonathan Jones‘ helmet-to-helmet hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, was fugly too…waiting on the discipline for this one.

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