NFL 2019 Week 1-the Good, the Bad and the Fugly

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NFL 2019 week one is over and on the defensive side of the ball there were plenty of surprises both good and bad. That of course leads us to the superlatives and the unexceptional from week one.

The Good

Just put this under the label “age don’t mean a thing”:

Thomas Davis, Linebacker, Los Angeles Chargers

You realize Davis has knees that technically should not be working…for a ‘normal’ human, much less a man playing football at 36 years young. Yet there he is, doing this: co-leading the NFL with 14 total tackles against the Indianapolis Colts. Not bad…nah it’s good.

The Bad

What was bad was the removal of both Kwon Alexander and Myles Jack from their games. Two different games, two defensive players chucked.

Alexander was disqualified for hitting quarterback Jameis Winston in the helmet after he was already down. It was a legit call and Alexander knew better.

Jack’s ejection just reminded this viewer of a petulant two-year old. After getting into a confrontation with wide receiver Sammy Watkins (in a game that at the time was still competitive), Jack threw a punch that led to an ejection. Sure Watkins was egging him on, but you are a professional, right?

Not only did Jack get ejected but it took a village…okay two coaches and a couple of teammates to get him off the field.

It remains to be seen if either will be further suspended. Alexander most likely will be for the helmet to helmet hit on defenseless quarterback. But will shall see. Either way not good…just bad.

the Fugly

IDP players who significantly underplayed their ADP

Rock Ya-Sin ended the game with 3.0 fantasy points

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Keanu Neal ended the game with 1.5 fantasy points

Bradley Chubb ended the game with 5.3 fantasy points

Not to mention defensive teams that just didn’t show up. The two big surprises were the Cleveland Browns defense that finished with zero fantasy points. Yet that was a blessing compared to the Jacksonville Jaguars who left you with minus four fantasy points for the day.

It’s not time to panic yet, as it was only week one. Remember, it’s a marathon, not sprint.


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