NFL 2018 Week 15: The Good, the Bad and the FUGLy…Los Angeles Rams’ Marcus Peters is a BAD…BaD…Man

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It is coming down to the final weeks of the regular season, and well…from the fantasy perspective there was a lot of fugly.  But from the actual season there was some real good, and proof that the men that play in the NFL are bad men that mere mortals should not tread…yep looking at you cowardly anonymous “fan”.


Luke Kuechly, Linebacker, Carolina Panthers

Yes, I realize the Carolina Panthers came out on the losing end of their week 15 battle with the New Orleans Saints. And I am willing to forget that the Saints defense scoring 18 fantasy football points knocked me out of the fantasy playoffs.

We all know that whatever the outcome of NFL games, the offensive players will get the accolades.  But make no mistake about it, in a losing effort Luke Kuechly was the star.  Kuechly was everywhere doing everything, including playing on every defensive snap.


Kuechly ended the game with 13 total tackles and that wasn’t even close to telling you how dominant he was throughout the entire game.

The game was lost on the offensive side of the ball.  Kuechly and that defense were dominant.  And Kuechly was better than good.



Marcus Peters, Cornerback, Los Angeles Rams

Let’s be clear, Marcus Peters’ stats were bad.  He finished the game with five total tackles.  Bad.

This is more about Peters the bad man, and for in this instance bad means, oh so good.

So this is just a public service announcement to all those “fans” who think it is their right to shout and attempt to demean any football player (or anyone for that matter).  Ya, you big and bad, because you think you are safe up in the stands….seriously?  Those cowardly actions were confronted almost rationally by Peters in the game against Philadelphia.

“Where you from?  Where you from homie?” Peters can be heard asking the anonymous coward in the stands, as he walked closer to the crowd.

BRAVE my man?  Nowhere Close

I believe the person reply was, “You can’t touch me because you will get fined.”  Ahh, bravery at its best.

Anyway, Peters language does become a bit more colorful, but his point gets across.  The point?

“I’m a bad man and you anonymous person in the crowd are a coward.”

At least that’s my super duper paraphrasing of the incident as I see fit.   Am I wrong?



Kansas City Chiefs Defense v Los Angeles Chargers

Individually the Kansas City Chiefs had some good defensive production.  As a unit it wasn’t all that impressive.  At home against the Los Angles Chargers the Chiefs could not hold onto a 15 point lead.

The lasting image from that game will not be the antics of Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but the image of the Chargers going for two-point conversion to win the game.  And the Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams, all alone in the end zone converting on the two point conversion to win the game.

*Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen Out…Defense Out?

It wasn’t just that the Chargers were down stud running back Melvin Gordon and lost early in the game stud wide receiver Keenan Allen to injury.  No, it was the fact that a blown coverage on a two-point conversion was hauled in by the man who was scorching you all game.

The image of Williams all alone in the end zone catching the game winning pass…fugly if you are a Chiefs’ fan and just gloriously fugly if you are a Chargers fan.


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