NFL 2018 Week 13: The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly….Dallas Cowboys’ how Jerry’s World Makes the Naughty List

It is week 13 in the NFL and the good, the bad, and the fugly is going all holiday season.  You know, good cheer, yuletide, cozy fire, holiday-like.  Consequently, all of it can be found in last week’s defensive play.

Here we go:

The Good:

Sometimes goodness cannot be measured in stats.  The eye test, the impact a player has on the field, does not always come out as measurables.

When you finish the game with three total tackles and one interception, your stats are meh.  But when you dominate the oppositions’ best and second best wide receiver, you’re good.


Welcome to the NFL Sunday Night prime time, Derwin James. 

Yes, James has been balling out all season but Sunday night was his national showtime/primetime.  Not only did he have a key interception of Ben Roethlisberger in the end zone;  he harassed and shadowed any receiver who wanted to give his coverage a try.

So nice.


The Bad:

Can we all just agree that this rookie is a really bad man?  Seriously.

Sure Jerry Jones, when and if Sean Lee gets healthy put him back in the starting lineup.  But don’t kid yourself.  Leighton Vander Esch is a bad man.  There were doubts about drafting him.  There were questions regarding his ability to play at this level.  Doubts erased.


Jones will consistently make the naughty list with his endless need to talk.


Vander Esch will be that bad man your mama warned you about if he can maintain this pace.  Last week he finished the game with 10 tackles.  For the season he has 100 tackles, seven passes defended, and two interceptions.

Mama that Vander Esch is a bad man.


The Fugly

Let’s put aside the fact that I am an avid Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan.  Just concentrate on the final snap(s) of the game at Heinz Field against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chargers’ jogged out their kicker Michael Badgley for a 39 yard field goal attempt to win the game.


First try,  the kick sailed wide left.  Done? Hardly, the Steelers were called for offsides.  March five yards closer for the second attempt.  Badgley’s now 34 yard field goal attempt was blocked.  Done?  Oh no my friend, Steelers flagged again for coming across the scrimmage line too soon.  March five yards closer for the third attempt.  Badgley’s now 29 yard attempt was good.  Aided by the fact that if it wasn’t, the Steelers were once again flagged for being offsides.

Don’t get me wrong, this fiasco did not lose the game for the Steelers, but three offsides penalties in one long game-deciding moment is fugly.

It’s almost time for the season ending, good, bad and fugly.  Any suggestions?  Who fugly’d up your fantasy season?

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