NFL Notebook Week 10

Welcome to NFL Notebook where I introduce a written piece like it’s the evening news. I’m Dan Soden, and this bit is already going way too long. Today, we look at everyone’s favorite moniker, “Just Lose Baby.” I admit, I was wrong about a certain sophomore quarterback, and more!

Just Lose Baby

Al Davis is probably plotting his son’s demise from the grave as I type this. The Raiders have gone 1-8 in Jon Gruden’s coaching return, and well, we kind of all saw it. Not only was Gruden never one of the greatest coaches of his era, he is also well past his era.

When the Raiders signed Gruden to a 10 year deal worth $100 million everyone that didn’t root for the guys in black and silver laughed their asses off, but even then we couldn’t have imagined this debacle.

Gruden traded away the one in a lifetime pass rusher Khalil Mack to the Bears, when one of the Raider’s biggest flaws is pass rush. Most recently, he traded starting WR Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for a 1st round pick, which was a good deal for the Raiders, but the football gods couldn’t let it be so easy.

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Martavis Bryant and Jordy Nelson, both suffered knee injuries against the Chargers. Bryant’s injury will keep him out for “some time.” Meanwhile there are reports that Nelson is planning on retiring this week. Good thing Brandon LaFell and Seth Roberts are around (insert eyeroll gif.)

The Raiders have had nine different coaches since trading Gruden to the Bucs. That list includes Bill Callahan, Norv Turner, Shell, Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson, Dennis Allen, Tony Sparano and Jack Del Rio. So it nice that the Raider fan base will get some consistency for the next decade even if it’s being in the top five every draft.


Mitchell Trubisky & Matt Nagy are to, Jared Goff & Sean McVay, what Teen Wolf 2 is to Teen Wolf. Sure, we couldn’t bring back the star, but the idea is the same and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

At the end of September, when The Bears carved up the Bucs, I thought to myself, “is Mitch Trubisky actually good?” The kid was damn near perfect in that game and I started questioning if I judged him far too soon like I did Goff.

Trubisky, in the weeks that followed, started to look better and better, becoming more comfortable in Nagy’s offense and really taking control of the team. This isn’t just a quarterback finding his own, Nagy has really implemented an offense around him that best serves his skill set, and it’s showing.

At the start of the season, I would have guessed that the Bears would solely depend on their defense to win them games, but Trubisky has been handling his own. Sunday’s win over the Lions saw Trubisky earn a 148.6 passer rating, which was his fourth of over 102.0 in the last six games. During that time,he has thrown 17 touchdowns and four interceptions.

I get that in 2018, even bad QB’s are putting up decent numbers (for example Eli Manning). But with the run game being a sore spot for the Bear’s offense, it’s a lot for a young quarterback to take on and Mitch has been handling it better than I expect. With a game up on Super Bowl favorites the Vikings I wouldn’t be shocked to see them win the NFC North and make a little noise in the playoffs.

Quick Slant

Return of the Mack was blasting all over Chicago yesterday, with Khalil Mack returning after two weeks to collect two sacks on Matthew Stafford.

Does Bill Belichick like to boost his old assistants ego’s by letting them win games they probably shouldn’t?

Also, Dion Lewis called the Pats “cheap” following the Titans win over them….I’m pretty sure we’ve all known this for a while now.

Shout out to Julio Jones, who reached 10,000 career receiving yards in his 104th game, 11 faster than anyone else. If only his team could pull it together this season.

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Song of The Week

This week’s song of the week is dedicated to the Washington Deadskins who by some miraculous feat remain in first place of the god awful NFC East.


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