How to Close Out The Season Strong

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What’s up fantasy football league leaders?! This week’s “article” is more of a PSA, motivational note to ensure you and your league close out the season strong. We’re approaching that time if the season where managers believe they might be out of the playoffs when they really aren’t. On top of that, trade deadlines are typically in early November which is all the more reason to continue fighting.

Write up a playoff preview:
I spoke about my writing power rankings in this article and the weekly recaps here. This one takes significantly less time and effort but can boost league interaction and excitement going into the playoffs. Explain your take on the first round match-ups (both main playoffs and consolation). You can do this by touching in a number of different areas:
  • Which manager is the favorite/underdog based on their current roster? Did they draft well or did they make mid-season trades/acquisitions?
  • Discuss win/loss trends of some teams – is anyone going into the playoffs with a big win streak? What do you think that means for their chances?
  • If you want to go a little deeper, take a look at player match-ups and see which managers have their star players matching up against the Bucs, Raiders, Giants, etc. and are likely to have huge weeks
  • For year over year leagues, is there someone that never wins that made the playoffs? Or that always win? Stir up the pot and start talking some trash to shake things up.

Promote end of season trades:

Remind your league with a motivational message that there’s still chances for everyone and if you don’t take a chance now it’s more likely nothing will change the destiny of your team. This shouldn’t be a message for everyone to trade with you, but a non-biased reminder to think about making moves before the season fades away.

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Start thinking about any changes you want to make to your league for next year:

Have you received any feedback or suggestions on rules/roster changes? Has anyone brought up a cool new idea for the draft? Do you have ideas you want to implement in the league? Utilize the message board, email, text, etc. to start getting these ideas out in front of the league. Use this time where managers are most engaged and don’t wait until the playoffs or immediately after the season where some managers are just over it. Starting the discussion around week 10 leaves you plenty of time to debate, create polls, and figure out how to make your league even better next year.

The most important thing in my opinion is keeping the league/game exciting for the entire season for every manager. It’s easy to remain active when your team is winning. It’s much harder to do the same when you’re sitting at 4-6 and injuries have decimated your team. It’s not to late to propose bets for the consolation bracket. Have each manager throw in $10 and winner take all. If you get league buy in now, people are more likely to continue to fight and scrap to have a fighting chance come playoff time.

Do you have any other ideas on how to spice up your league in the 2nd half? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts! Best of luck to everyone closing out there season.

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