Carlos Hyde Trade Analysis and Dynasty Perspective

Quite an interesting Friday we had today! Carlos Hyde is now a Jaguar, Marshawn Lynch looks headed to IR and more than likely calling it an end to great career, and one of the worst “offensive” systems I’ve ever witnessed saw its coordinator fired.

While early reports expect Leonard Fournette back after the Week 9 bye, but I have serious doubts about that. It doesn’t make much sense to send a 5th round pick away for an RB that won’t even be able to play in Week 7, then fill in Week 8 for one game before the bye. I believe the Jaguars are extremely concerned about Fournette’s ability to recover enough this year to rely on him, and while they’re hoping for the best, they’re clearly playing this situation safe. 

And what will continue to make this situation tricky is that the Jags will remain hopeful for a late season return for the playoffs in what is a wide open AFC south division. So a placement on IR seems unlikely unless there’s a clear setback or serious concern over his long term health.

So what to do…. if you’re a Hyde owner, your best case scenario is that the Fournette team has somehow pushed through the setbacks and is still in contention and you’re able to flip him and a little gravy for what the Fournette owner will think is a later first. More than likely, unfortunately, the Fournette team is struggling and may be close to waiving the white flag on this season. This leaves you approaching Lynch, Dalvin Cook, Le’Veon Bell and Devonte Freeman teams to gauge their interest.

I definitely wouldn’t panic-sell Hyde though. He’s looked very good this year and with a lackluster RB class next year, relative to the last two classes, there should be plenty of destinations Hyde can succeed in next year and going forward. If you can get a mid to late first, I think that’s good value. Otherwise, you’re best bet is to hold and hope for some strong performances, and/or the Jags giving up hope and placing Fournette on IR


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