RB Attempts and Touches Week 3

By John Bush

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 report focuses on the RB position. Given the importance of both Rushing Attempts and Receptions in PPR league this metrics should prove useful. 

The main data stream includes

  • Weekly Rushing Attempts and Receptions
  • Average of Rushing Attempts per Minute of Team Possession. 
  • Average of Touches Per Minute of Team Possession. (Rushing plus Receptions)

Week 3 Improvements

I also use a DIFF metric to pull out the Receptions and the Rushing Attempts improvements in week 3. These 3 data points highlight each Team and Player balance of run vs pass as well as a level of weekly success. 

As the season goes forward the database build and more solid team and player patterns can emerge. 

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Team Level RB ATTs 

The table below displays the week 1/2/3 based data on rushing attempts. Looking for biases in team rushing vs receptions in their RBs! 

Teams were sorted by the highest to lowest of Week 3 Differences in Atts stats. Team names were colorized for a broad grouping of rushing levels.


Top vs Bottom Teams Week 3

The top week 3 rushing teams by differences from weeks 1 and 2 were  DET, SEA, BAL, PHI, BUF, NYG, and TEN. 

The bottom group of  DIFF Week 3 low rushing teams (Higher RB Passing) were MIN, TB, IND, HOU, CIN, and MIA. This implies that these teams may have a significant pass-catching RBs vs strict rushers only or they have a tandem of a rusher and pass catchers.  Watch these teams for Week 4 trends. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide1

Team Level RB Receptions

The table below displays the week 1/2/3 based data on receptions from running backs by a team. The DIFF week 3 metric focuses on the teams that improved or declined in week 3 vs the preceding weeks. 

The top improving teams in week 3 were NO, MIN, GB, HOU, DEN, and KC. They had a significant pass-catching RB activity in week 3. 

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RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide2

WAS, CAR, LAC, DET, NYJ, NE, and NYG are teams with week 3 declines in RB receptions. 

Summary of ATTS and Reception Team Averages with ATTs to Reception Ratios. 

Std scoring leagues would tend to feature rushing RBs while PPR scoring leagues like pass-catching RBs! These data capture those metrics.

I present a Rush/Pass Ratio metric to identify teams with high rushing vs high passing! 

The teams colorized in blue are the high rusher teams while those in red are the higher pass catcher running back based teams. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide4

This landscape graph emphasizes the team biases in rushing vs passing RBs


CLE, TEN, NYJ, DEN, KC, LAR, HOU, and TB have rushing RBs

NO, DET, LAC, ARI, MIN, NYG, and JAX have pass-catching RBs. 

Player Individual ATTs vs Receptions By Team and Weeks. 

These data table list players by teams of their weeks 1 to 3 Rushing Attempts and Receptions Colorized for emphasis! 

  •  Team Bias,

  • Pecking Order between Players and

  • Player Rush vs Pass Balance.

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide13

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide14

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide15

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide16

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide17

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide18

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3Slide19

RB Attempts and Touches Week 3Slide20

Player ATT vs Reception 3 Week Averages with Attempts/Receptions Ratio

  • What is the Role of the RB on the team? Imagine the usage?
  • High ATT/REC (A/R) Ratio suggests a higher rushing RB than Pass-Catching RBs.
  • Spot the High Rushers vs Higher Pass-Catchers. Use in STD vs PPR as needed. 



RB Attempts and Touches Week 3 Slide22

  • High Rusher BUF Murphy (8.5)  and Ivory (6.3)
  • High BAL Collins is a High Rusher (4.9). 
  • Allen is a High Pass-Catcher (1.2)




  • High Rushers Anderson, Howard, Mixon, Hyde
  • High Pass Catchers McCaffrey, Cohen, Bernard, Johnson




  • Elliot dominate in DAL Pass-catcher and Rusher (4.4)
  • Lindsay (11) and Freeman (36) strong rushers – Same Role in DEN?
  • Booker Pass-Catcher (1.4)
  • Blount strong rusher (9.3), Johnson Pass and Run (2.9), and Riddick all Pass (0.2)
  • Williams and Jones Rushers (7.2) Same Roles?  Montgomery Pass-Catcher (1.2)




  • Blue all Rush (16) vs Miller (5.5) more balanced
  • Mack is the Rusher (10), Wilkins 4.3 balanced, Hines is the pass-catcher (1.1)
  • JAC – All RB seem balanced Pass vs Rush.  Fournette 3_Yeldon 2.8 and Grant 1.6
  • Hunt Extreme Rusher 52. Ware and Williams pass-catchers (1.7 and 0.3)



  • Gordon and Ekeler Balanced 2.3 and 1.8
  • Gurley is the Rusher with some Pass (5.6)  Brown is all Rusher at 9
  • Gore is all rusher 24 vs Drake is a balanced RB 3.3
  • Murray, Cook, and Boone all seem balanced with 3.4, 2.9 and 2 A/R metrics


NE, NO, NYG, and NYJ


  • Michel the Rusher at 12. Hill is balanced at 4 and White is the pass-catcher at 0.9
  • Williams is balanced at 3.0 while Kamara is a pass-catcher at 1.2. Ingram fits back in here easily! Trade for him! 
  • Gallman is Barkley at 2.7 vs 2.2 Balanced
  • Crowell is the rusher at 9.5 vs Powell at 5.2 and Cannon at 6. (they are pass-catchers more than Crowell)




  • Lynch and Martin are the same A/R at 6.9 and 6.7. More Rushing vs Pass Catching. 
  • Akayi extreme rusher at 22, Smallwood 4.3 and Clements at 3.4 biased to Pass-Catching. Sproles pass-catcher at 1.3.
  • Conner and Ridley are the same at 4 and 3.6 (Rushers who can catch)
  • Carson is the rusher at 9. Penny is a rusher who catches passes. Davis/Prosise are the pass-catchers at 1.5 and 0. 


SF, TB, TEN, and WAS


  • Morris is the extreme rusher at 20 while Breida is closer to balanced at 4.6
  • Barber is all rushing at 43 while Rodgers and Wilson are the pass-catchers at 1.5 and 1.
  • Henry is a rusher 46  and Lewis is the pass-catcher who can rush at 4.3. 
  • Peterson is the rusher at 11.2 and Thompson is 0.8 and a pass-catcher. 


Rushing Speed Analysis Attempts Per Minute

The team speed of running can be judged by Attempts per Minute (APM). The table lists the weeks 1 to 3 APM as well as the 3 Week Average. The Week 3 DIFF metric notes week 3 improvements or declines. 

I color coded the team based on their team rushing speed (APM) and sorted the table by APM!  Blue colored teams are fast rushing teams while red stained teams are slow rushers. 


Week 3 APM Team Improvements 

BAL, SEA, NYJ, DET, NYG, PHI and TEN had nice week 3 improvements in team APM. They will continue to rush a lot vs passing? Watch for this trend in week 4. 

MIN, TB, CIN, HOU, IND, LAR, and ATL had declines in Weekly APM

Why the declines? A sign of more passing to come in week 4? Watch for increased passing in week 4 for the week 3 decliners


Player Level APM metrics from Week 1 to 3, Average APM and Week 3 DIFF

Surprise that Hyde is number 1 over Gurley! These are the usual suspects of RBs. 


Interesting waiver guys are Wilkins, Yeldon, Powell, Gore, and Ivory





Extreme DIFF of APM in Week 3

These data may be more for failures than improvements. Duke continues to worry me at another poor week 3.  CJ Anderson is shown to be weak.  Do not wait too long to trim the deadwood! 



RB Touch Speed Analysis Attempts Per Minute

These are Receptions and Rushing Attempts combined as Touches Per Minute. Looks at the whole range of team running backs.  Interesting data to spot interesting players on the move on the right teams. 

The Top TouchesPM Teams are after 3 Weeks: CIN, LAR, BAL, TEN, and WAS

The Bottom TouchesPM Teams are BUF, MIA, DAL, KC, and SEA. Concerns for RBs on those teams. 


Week 3 RB DIFF metrics Improvements vs Declines.


The poor team metrics for week 3 DIFFs are TB, LAR, ATL, MIA, CIN, and PIT.

The improving teams in touches per minute were BAL, SEA, NO, TEN, PHI and NYJ! 

Player Level Touches Per Minute Metrics







Key Week 3 DIFF RBs in Touches per Minute Table and Graphs

Highs and Lows in Week 3! Watch for trends. Again this data may be used for drops more than acquisitions. 




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