Fantasy Football: Aaron Rodgers Tops Dynasty QB rankings

I always find dynasty rankings really tough to do and no position is harder than quarterback in my opinion. Quarterbacks careers are weird phenomenons. Take Colin Kaepernick for example. It was not that long ago that everyone wanted a piece of CK. Now the only people who own him are hopeful owners with one too many bench spots. In contrast, it feels like we have been trying to sell Tom Brady in dynasty for about the last five years, and yet still he is one of the best QB in fantasy football. Then we have the likes of Aaron Rodgers who are just incredible year after year when they are on the field.

In order to try and produce the best rankings I can I have tried to weigh projected production over the next five years. However, I have weighted the rankings so that someone who has a good chance of delivering me a fantasy championship either short or long term gets a boost. Part of the thrill of dynasty leagues is the constant cycle of the league but the main aim should be to win. Therefore, I have tried to comment what I would do if I was in a win now mode with some of the players.

You will find some distinct groups in the rankings below. There are the QBs who are both elite now and likely elite in the future. You have the QBs who are elite right now but might be gone from the game in the next two years. You have players who might have a three to five year window. Finally, there are the young players with a whole potential future of fantasy football returns ahead of them.

Please be aware that these rankings are very early rankings and as job roles and injury news becomes clearer you may see them shift. Also please take note of the tiers. If two players are in the same tier then I think they are virtually equal and would not see the point in trading one for the other straight up.


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