Fantasy Baseball: Roto Catcher rankings

Yankees Gary Sanchez

I always find roto catcher rankings tough because it really is a case of picking between bad options. As we get closer to the season I usually manage to find a handful of options I like. I mean I am a big fan of the talents of Gary Sanchez, Buster Posey and Willson Contreras but the price you have to pay to own them means I will almost certainly never own them. The reason is that even though they are tremendous at their position they are relatively pretty bad compared to the guys you are picking them around because relatively they play so few games compared to other positions. For example if we were to rank Sanchez and Posey purely as first basemen and strip away that catcher eligibility then Sanchez would be close to the top 10 and Posey would be outside the top 15.


That thinking means I have to dig a little deeper to find the guys I like and are willing to draft. The interesting thing about catcher rankings more than any other position is how drafting becomes about balancing not just value and upside but also safety. I am a big promoter of the fact that choosing a bad catcher can really hurt you so finding that safety is almost as important as targeting upside. For that reason I have wrote articles this year about why I think you should draft Tyler Flowers over other bigger upside guys and why I think Chance Sisco‘s ability to make contact could make him a really deep option who can offer safety with a hint of upside. My other option who does perhaps offer more upside but is equally going at a good value especially in one catcher leagues is Wilson Ramos who I think could bounce back now that he is fully healthy in Tampa Bay.

As with all rankings I do the catcher rankings are but together based on ESPN eligibility. This position is affected less that others but some values do change for players with more eligibility.


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