Fantasy Football: How to break your Dynasty League Part 1

Antonio Brown

Now that I have your attention I will go ahead and tell you that none of this is easy…hours of negotiations that sometimes go nowhere can be draining but the payoff can be huge if you stick by your guns and leave no stone unturned.

My goal here is to give you the best chance of winning your dynasty league as soon as possible. My theory is that year one will always be the hardest to win because a number of your league mates will take a “win now” approach. The sad news for the “win now” crowd is that most of them will not win now because there will be only one winner. Perhaps even more tragic is the fact that many of these teams will realize going into year two or three that in the process of grasping for instant gratification they have completely destroyed their chances of being competitive long term. The dynasty landscape is littered with the poor little orphans that the “win now” crowd has left behind.

Others will take a kind of hybrid approach trying to win now while also building for the future. I find that most folks will fall into this category which is great because these are the guys and gals that will stick it out for the long haul. They are also the teams that you will likely be doing your trading with after the initial startup because you will have a like-minded view on player values.

The approach I take is to basically “punt” year one. Now, I’m am not telling you to tank..tanking is NEVER ok, but I go in with the mentality that I have zero chance to win this year. I will ABSOLUTELY try to win every game that I play year one but I am primarily building my team to win in year two and beyond. There may be a team or two in your league that is taking this same approach but most of them will fall into one of the first two categories. If there is another owner who is taking the same approach as you are then great! You just have to be better than them at trading..which mostly isn’t hard.


This is THE most important part of my strategy. You HAVE to be good a trading to be successful with this method. However, being good at trading is not what most people seem to think it is. Most people try to “win” every trade which is the complete wrong way to look at it. I approach every trade as a win/win opportunity. I don’t ever try to take advantage of anyone in a creates bad relationships and before long you will find yourself with very few potential trade partners.I don’t even care to “lose” a trade if it helps me work towards my goal. As time goes on you will learn the tendencies of each owner in your league and you will begin to be able to decide which owners you will want to approach with a deal and which owners you will not even bother with because it is a waste of time. Don’t be the dude that nobody wants to come to when it is time to move assets around.

That is an overview of my’s not super complicated but it does take discipline to work properly. Next I will show you a step by step process from a startup I did last year and I think you will see how powerful this method can be if executed properly.





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