Philadelphia Eagles Kiko Alonso Heads the Studs For Fantasy Week 1

The Philadelphia Eagles may have lost the game, but Kiko Alonso proves that he is a stud.  So it is back.  Much anticipated and highly sought, yep I have missed you too.  But all relationships have to stay fresh, change things up, ours is no different.  So this season we will have studs for all you IDP players, but the duds is something for you traditional fantasy players.

It is the first week.  And here it goes the first studs and duds of the season.  Pay attention boys, your fantasy life may depend on it.


Kiko Alonso, Linebacker, Philadelphia Eagles

Forget that the Eagles lost the game.  It isn’t always about the team you know.  They could have been vaporized and Alonso would still be the stud if he had that catch.  THE CATCH!  You know in the interception in the end zone.  It was spectacular.

Malcom Butler, Cornerback, New England Patriots

This is for all of you who thought that Butler was a one catch wonder.  He was assigned with shadowing the best wide receiver in the league, well one of the best in Antonio Brown.  Sure Brown finished the game with 133 yards and one touchdown, but it could have been much worse.  Butler held his own.

Buffalo Bills Defense

Yep the whole dang team.  In case you didn’t notice they held wunderkid Andrew Luck’s team to a measly 14 points.  The Indianapolis Colts were without points for the entire first half.  Luck finished the game with 243 yards.  He had two passing touchdowns, yes, but he also had two interceptions and was sacked twice.

It was complete domination by a defense.  It was studly all the way around.


This is for all of you who play traditional fantasy football.  These duds are worth remembering when you are thinking of your line-ups.

Pittsburgh Steelers defense: Maybe we are just remembering of what use to be.  But the missed assignments on one Rob Gronkowski was saddening.  Can you see Troy Polamalu missing him, letting him run free.  Nope neither can I.

Indianapolis Colts defense: For those of you who poo-pah the notion of a Rex Ryan offense being effective, thank the Indianapolis Colts defense for making it look so good.  In the first quarter of his first NFL start quarterback Tyrod Taylor completed a 51 yard touchdown pass to Percy Harvin.  And it got better from there.  Thanks Indy!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense: It wasn’t all quarterback Jameis Winston’s fault.  Rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota shredded the defense for four touchdowns.  He completed 13-of-16 passes for 209 yards.  Yep, you can’t blame that on the opposing quarterback.  It was a complete failure.



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