2QB ADP for August 2015 Redraft Leagues

Arian Foster

There is not much good, reliable average draft position (ADP) data for 2QB leagues, so I have been putting together 2QB mock drafts throughout the summer months for the last few years. I pull the data from each of those mock drafts to create ADP lists for those of us in 2QB leagues. This is our August 2QB ADP, which is based on six mock drafts run between in the first week of August.

If you are new to 2QB leagues, check out my article, How to Win: An Introduction to 2QB and Superflex Leagues. For those of you with more familiarity, let’s jump into the August 2QB ADP.

For reference, all our mock drafts are 10-team redraft leagues, where each reception is worth half a point. The starting lineup requires 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, and 1 D/ST.

There are a few trends and changes since I posted the July 2QB ADP:


Andrew Luck has now passed Aaron Rodgers as the top pick in our drafts, although the gap remains very tight.

Peyton Manning dropped from 15th to 29th, falling behind Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger. Drew Brees fell from 24th overall to 32nd overall, now passed by Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger. You can see that Big Ben was a big riser in August, now up to our QB4, although he has a massive 12.4 standard deviation, having been drafted everywhere from 5th to 40th overall in our six mocks.

Matthew Stafford fell from 36 overall to 48, which I think is smart. He’s still a fine quarterback, but too often he was getting drafted far higher than he’s worth.

My takes: I’ll be buying Drew Brees if he falls this far in my drafts. He’s my QB4 this season. Next, I am very surprised to see how high Matt Ryan is drafted; I fear that despite Kyle Shanahan, Ryan may struggle behind a still-weak offensive line and with a lack of weapons on offense.

Running Backs

Across the board, running backs moved up the board in August. Arian Foster had an incredible climb from 22nd overall to 8th overall, just before his groin injury sidelined him for the coming months. Jeremy Hill moved from 29th to 21st, and Mark Ingram jumped from 50th to 42nd.

My take: As expected, running backs move up people’s draft boards when real drafts approach. Fear strikes, and old habits return. Even though running back is reasonably deep this year, expect running backs to go early and often in most casual leagues.

Wide Receivers

Odell Beckham fell from 11th overall to 15th in August, now passed by Demaryius Thomas and Julio Jones. That said, the elite tier seems firmly established: Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, Julio, Demaryius, and Beckham. After that crowd, Calvin Johnson and — surprisingly — A.J. Green aren’t too far behind in August.

2QB ADP for August 2015 Redraft Leagues

RankNamePositionTeamADPStandard Deviation
1Luck, AndrewQBIND1.81.2
2Rodgers, AaronQBGBP20.6
3Bell, Le'VeonRBPIT3.51.9
4Brown, AntonioWRPIT5.82
5Lacy, EddieRBGBP6.72
6Peterson, AdrianRBMIN7.22.9
7Charles, JamaalRBKCC8.31.6
8Foster, ArianRBHOU10.37.5
9Bryant, DezWRDAL113.7
10Jones, JulioWRATL113.9
11Gronkowski, RobTENEP11.53.7
12Wilson, RussellQBSEA126.1
13Lynch, MarshawnRBSEA133.8
14Thomas, DemaryiusWRDEN13.72.6
15Beckham, OdellWRNYG13.82.5
16Johnson, CalvinWRDET16.82.4
17Anderson, C.J.RBDEN18.86.9
18Green, A.J.WRCIN19.23.3
19McCoy, LeSeanRBBUF19.76
20Murray, DeMarcoRBPHI21.34.9
21Hill, JeremyRBCIN21.72.7
22Nelson, JordyWRGBP22.22.7
23Cobb, RandallWRGBP22.54.2
24Forte, MattRBCHI233.7
25Evans, MikeWRTBB243.5
26Roethlisberger, BenQBPIT24.712.4
27Jeffery, AlshonWRCHI25.72.7
28Ryan, MattQBATL27.59.5
29Manning, PeytonQBDEN28.74.1
30Newton, CamQBCAR305.4
31Hopkins, DeAndreWRHOU316.9
32Brees, DrewQBNOS32.72.1
33Forsett, JustinRBBAL33.33.4
34Hilton, T.Y.WRIND34.24
35Cooks, BrandinWRNOS34.85.8
36Miller, LamarRBMIA362.9
37Graham, JimmyTESEA377
38Matthews, JordanWRPHI37.55.4
39Sanders, EmmanuelWRDEN39.54.7
40Gordon, MelvinRBSDC427.6
41Romo, TonyQBDAL42.33
42Ingram, MarkRBNOS435.5
43Tannehill, RyanQBMIA44.32.5
44Manning, EliQBNYG457.8
45Morris, AlfredRBWAS46.85.1
46Benjamin, KelvinWRCAR47.85.1
47Gore, FrankRBIND48.57.5
48Stafford, MatthewQBDET49.210.8
49Brady, TomQBNEP49.75
50Cooper, AmariWROAK508.6
51Gurley, ToddRBSTL52.78.1
52Kelce, TravisTEKCC54.59
53Rivers, PhilipQBSDC55.76.7
54Edelman, JulianWRNEP56.28.4
55Spiller, C.J.RBNOS56.36.7
56Tate, GoldenWRDET586.4
57Allen, KeenanWRSDC59.35.4
58Bridgewater, TeddyQBMIN59.812
59Watkins, SammyWRBUF60.26.1
60Ellington, AndreRBARI61.73.9
61Robinson, AllenWRJAC61.87.1
62Murray, LataviusRBOAK62.38.5
63Hyde, CarlosRBSFO63.37.7
64Olsen, GregTECAR64.311.7
65Stewart, JonathanRBCAR65.29.7
66Yeldon, T.J.RBJAC678
67Bryant, MartavisWRPIT67.57.5
68Johnson, AndreWRIND68.87.3
69Flacco, JoeQBBAL69.313.7
70Randle, JosephRBDAL69.57.3
71Bradford, SamQBPHI7016.6
72Jackson, DeSeanWRWAS71.38.8
73Cameron, JordanTEMIA726
74Landry, JarvisWRMIA72.24
75Abdullah, AmeerRBDET72.510.3
76Palmer, CarsonQBARI72.614.7
77Kaepernick, ColinQBSFO739.8
78Maclin, JeremyWRKCC73.75.1
79Bernard, GiovaniRBCIN75.27.7
80Marshall, BrandonWRNYJ76.73
81Winston, JameisQBTBB78.820.1
82White, KevinWRCHI79.32.9
83Carr, DerekQBOAK79.514.5
84Martin, DougRBTBB81.83.5
85Agholor, NelsonWRPHI837.2
86Jackson, VincentWRTBB83.34
87Jennings, RashadRBNYG85.89.3
88Cutler, JayQBCHI868.8
89Dalton, AndyQBCIN86.616.7
90Blount, LeGarretteRBNEP87.72.6
91Thomas, JuliusTEJAC88.516.3
92Vereen, ShaneRBNYG89.512.8
93Smith, TorreyWRSFO9112.4
94Boldin, AnquanWRSFO920
95White, RoddyWRATL92.312.5
96Johnson, CharlesWRMIN92.35.8
97Crowell, IsaiahRBCLE92.512.7
98Coleman, TevinRBATL92.519
99Colston, MarquesWRNOS930
100Wallace, MikeWRMIN94.56.7
101Decker, EricWRNYJ94.77.4
102LaFell, BrandonWRNEP9513.7
103Bell, JoiqueRBDET9516.9
104Perriman, BreshadWRBAL95.313.3
105Freeman, DevontaRBATL95.71.9
106Brown, JohnWRARI98.76.1
107Fitzgerald, LarryWRARI9915.5
108Smith, AlexQBKCC9910
109Bennett, MartellusTECHI101.73.1
110Floyd, MichaelWRARI10217
111Ertz, ZachTEPHI104.325.7
112Mathews, RyanRBPHI104.51.5
113Helu, RoyRBOAK1050
114Griffin III, RobertQBWAS105.521.5
115Ivory, ChrisRBNYJ106.73.8
116Foles, NickQBSTL10711
117Wright, KendallWRTEN1070
118Garcon, PierreWRWAS1080
119Sankey, BishopRBTEN11012.3
120Mason, TreRBSTL1112.4
121Smith, SteveWRBAL11212.1
122Sims, CharlesRBTBB1130
123Mariota, MarcusQBTEN113.53.5
124Seferian-Jenkins, AustinTETBB11413
125Witten, JasonTEDAL114.55.5
126Jones, MarvinWRCIN1150
127Johnson, StevieWRSDC1160
128Johnson, DukeRBCLE11819
129Smith, GenoQBNYJ118.57.5
130Quick, BrianWRSTL1190
131Johnson, DavidRBARI12220
132Dorsett, PhillipWRIND122.51.5
133Eifert, TylerTECIN123.56.5
134Mallett, RyanQBHOU1250
135Rudolph, KyleTEMIN1250
136Bortles, BlakeQBJAC1253
137Gates, AntonioTESDC1260
138Adams, DavanteWRGBP12612
139Blue, AlfredRBHOU1280
140Stills, KennyWRMIA128.55.5
141Cruz, VictorWRNYG130.512.5
142Seahawks, SeattleDefSEA131.51.5
143Cobb, DavidRBTEN131.59.5
144Walker, DelanieTETEN1320
145Hill, JoshTENOS132.53.5
146White, JamesRBNEP1350
147Bush, ReggieRBSFO1390
148Garoppolo, JimmyQBNEP1400
149Randle, RuebenWRNYG1440
150Allen, JavoriusRBBAL1450
151Patriots, New EnglandDefNEP1460
152Bills, BuffaloDefBUF1470
153Artis-Payne, CameronRBCAR1480


  1. Avatar


    August 13, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    Hey guys. Are these rankings based on the premise that passing touchdowns are 4 points or 6 points? Thanks.

  2. Avatar

    Joshua Lake

    August 18, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    These are all mock drafts with 4-point passing touchdowns.

  3. Avatar

    C Mack

    August 21, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Can we get an update on these rankings? Clearly Foster isn’t going first round anymore, same with Kelvin Benjamin at 46

    • Avatar

      Joshua Lake

      August 21, 2015 at 3:52 pm

      I’ve finished running mock drafts after these early August ones. You’re quite right that injuries would shift things, but by and large that just moves everyone else up.

      • Avatar

        Chris M

        August 26, 2015 at 8:05 am

        I appreciate the mocks. This is one of the few sites with a mock draft ADP for 2QB, would really like to see up-to-date ADP now that most drafts are actually taking place, but even if you can’t do an update, I appreciate what you have done.

        • Avatar

          Joshua Lake

          August 26, 2015 at 4:12 pm

          Chris, thank you. Unfortunately real life caught up with me, and I don’t have the time to run more mocks. Next year, my hope is it will be more of a team effort so we’ll make sure to have more mocks going throughout the summer.

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