Fantasy Football: I love my Teddy (aka A Negative of a Negative is a Positive)

Teddy Bridgewater

I grew up in the South.  That southern accent really relaxes people in the professional area, as long as one speaks intelligently in the process.  All you have to do is roll your mouth a bit when you talk and you’ve got it.  I sort of do it unconsciously when someone starts using their own accent with me, to the same degree.

But if you say something like “I ain’t never seen no talking winning nothing”, people will look at you like you really are blindingly stupid.  Or like you’re Marshawn Lynch.  That’s a quadruple negative, folks.  The universe has officially stopped to scratch its head.  A double negative is like your wife saying “I don’t not want to know who you were with last night”.  Obviously, you should be telling her what’s up if you know what’s good for you.  Unless you were hanging out at the Pink Pony club in Atlanta.  I’m just saying.

During the offseason, we get a lot of reports both positive and negative.  “This sixth round rookie nose tackle had a fantastic camp and the coach said he was voted the MVP of pads-less practice!”  Hey, great.  Good for him.  He might make the team.  Coach also said “Our third round running back didn’t bring his A-game to practice and needs to work on his footwork.”  Whoa… this is like a cataclysmic blow.  You have the chance to make starts this year and you’re lazing around?

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When a player gets a negative from anywhere, the media, the coaches or other players – that’s when my ears perk up.  These multimillion dollar guys are supposed to be the perfect weapon out there.  Anything less than perfection can be exploited by the other team.

When Carson Palmer’s shoulder got nerve damage from being hit, he healed up, but there’s no word as to why it happened or what the long-term effect is.  Is it going to happen again?  What “percent” healed is he actually?  I’m not a doctor but suddenly, Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd don’t seem like highly productive wide receivers anymore though.  Draft John Brown?  No thanks.  Not until they get a new QB.  There has been a big fanfare about Carson Palmer coming back, but he has yet to deliver on it.  There’s a building excitement about CJ Spiller coming back from being (apparently) permanently questionable and we can forget Peyton Manning declining at the end of last year too, but no one has told me that all these players’ problems are behind them yet and what exactly fixed it.

Meanwhile last year, Teddy Bridgewater started hot, then hit a rough patch of interceptions and bad games, possibly tied to the sudden disappearance of Adrian Peterson.  Then an interesting thing happened – the media got generally quiet.  There was a lack of complaining about their quarterback suddenly.  Most people outside of Minnesota forgot about him.  Rotoworld quietly posted at the end of January 2015 that “Over the final six weeks of the season, Bridgewater was fantasy’s No. 10 QB”.  “Wow”, right?  But no…  There was no great fireworks show, simply monotone reading of stats and scores.  This is how it is with rookies, yet people still dump them off at a discount at the end of their rookie season or at the beginning of their sophomore year when there’s a lull in the news.

Positives are great.  Negatives are bad.  But there’s another side.  The sudden absences of negatives are something to take close note of.  I read every news item I can find on every player all year and keep a running tally of positives and negatives in my head.  This is my highly unscientific method.  The secret is out. That running tally suddenly going quiet is a great time to pull off a beneficial deal.  I might have caught some grief for having Bridgewater ranked as the #7 2QB dynasty quarterback for 2015 ahead of Roethlisberger and Tannehill.  With age, overall offensive balance returning (with Peterson and Rudolph) and the simple lack of negatives I’m hearing I think he might be something special this year.  I don’t have fireworks to shoot off or a loud bell to ring, but the time to buy is probably now.

And tell Kelly over at the Pony that Don says hi.


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