Fantasy Football: Taking a Stand

Two Quarterback Strategy - Taking a Stand

Don, seriously, what the heck man?  Spend both first round picks on quarterbacks no matter what?  I mean, what if you get to 1.08 and Odell Beckham or Dez Bryant are still there?  Not picking them would be insanity!

I need to define 2QB leagues if this goes through your head.  2QB strategy differs from “Superflex” or QB premium leagues.  In those leagues you have the OPTION of starting a second quarterback or quarterback scoring causes the ranks to shift.  In 2QB leagues, there is no option.  You are REQUIRED to start 2 quarterbacks each week.  If your first or second quarterback is on a bye week or got injured and you don’t have a starter to fill in, you have an empty slot and are greatly handicapped.  What’s more, you have to play these guys year after year, so seeing the long view is much more important than winning the first year.  You want to win year after year for the duration of the dynasty league.

In Superflex or other formats, I have to caution you to not use this article’s strategy or our 2QB rankings.  This is specific to leagues that start 2 quarterbacks each week.  I felt it important to define this for those looking for rankings and analysis for Superflex formats.

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Here is my 2QB Dynasty magnum opus: Positional Scarcity Is King.  You will need to start two quarterbacks every week including bye weeks.  There are only 32 quarterbacks in the NFL.  Quarterback careers last upwards of ten years usually.  The NFL does not do “quarterback by committee” like they do with running backs and there is a big difference between Matt Ryan and Alex Smith.  Spend your first two round picks on top young quarterbacks.  Period.  Paragraph.  Print.  Frame.  Stare at.

Even before you make those first two picks, sit back and think about “2020 vision”.  In other words, look five years down the road.  What do you expect your roster to look like?  Will Jamaal Charles still be on your roster?  Peyton Manning (pfft, hahah)?  Will Charles Johnson still be the WR1 in Minnesota?  Maybe…..  Is Maxx Williams going to be the next Gronkowski or will he be the next Zach Miller?  Gronk himself will be 31 years old and probably on the beginning of the downswing, if his body even holds up that long.  Face it, football players have short shelf lives.  WR’s last the longest, though their peaks are usually within the first five years of playing.  RB’s are usually done-zo by the time they hit 28.  God bless Fred Jackson, he’s still competing at 34 years old and thought of as a war-weary veteran by his own club.  To hear fantasy football analysts talk about him you’d think he was 84 and carries the ball in his walker’s basket.

This is also one of the big reasons I don’t worry about the first two rounds of non-QB’s falling off the board.  This lets the better QB’s fall to you.  At wherever your pick is in round three, strike hard at rookie or year-two wide receiver and tight ends.  You might not get Julio, but the guy who gets him has Sam Bradford as his QB1 and Brian Hoyer as his QB2.  Julio Jones and Dez Bryant are already 26 years old.  Can you believe it?  You could get Amari Cooper in the third round of a startup draft and he’ll finally be old enough to drink in a few days.  In the 2QB drafts I’ve seen lately, you can get Cooper, Kevin White, Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and Jordan Matthews in the third round.  So as Mister Rodgers would say – “Relax.”  You can get your top play makers after the first two rounds.  Let the short-sighted owners take last year’s superstars.  Focus on who will be the superstars next year, yet still playing for you in 2020.

And in those first two rounds… get your team’s two premiere quarterbacks.  Next year you’ll thank me when you have someone to play week in and week out, and 2020 vision will make you smile rather than wince.


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