Angle of Pursuit: Malcom Brown

Malcom Brown

Malcom Brown – University of Texas

Height: 6’0″    Weight: 223

Comp: Arian Foster/Stevan Ridley

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • Vision
  • Patience
  • knows how to follow his blocks and exploit creases in the defense.
  • Good burst
  • Gets north/south as quickly as possible
  • I can’t recall a play where Brown didn’t fall forward.
  • He runs with a physical nature and great pad level.
  • Still has a lot of tread on the tires.


  • Doesn’t have supreme athleticism and speed
  • Lack of production at Texas. He only amassed over 200 carries once in his 4 year career.
  • Brown does have enough speed to take it the distance.
  • Not strong in the pass game

Dennis Digs Deeper

The former 5 star recruit hasn’t quit lived up to expectations, or has he? What does one expect from a guy who was running behind an offensive line that was decimated by injuries? As highlighted in this article found here, Texas had one of the most inexperienced offensive lines in the country ranking as the 127th offensive line in the nation in terms of experience.

The Longhorn offense was very predictable in there offensive play calling. Combine that with Texas having the toughest strength of schedule in the Big 12 you have a good running back with an impossible task of succeeding at the level he was recruited to play at.

Now I know it sounds an awful lot like I’m trying to paint a narrative for Brown. When in actuality, I’m trying to put into context his good grade in my running backs model. Brown was a guy I expected to be well outside of my top 15 in terms of grading. When in actuality he was inside my top 10. He shares a lot of similar traits as some of the great running backs of our era.He is a ricochet runner who pin balls through defenders into the second level.



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