The Figure4Fantasy Show #1: NFL Draft, Dynasty and Other Fun Stuff w/ Shane P Hallam


Welcome to The Figure4Fantasy Show. I’m your host Zhan Mourning. You can find me on Twitter (@Zhanmourning) and on Facebook. The Figure4Fantasy Show is about Pro Wrestling and all things fantasy. This includes fantasy sports, comic books, games, etc. Basically any form of fun entertainment is free game. I try to bring on guests from different walks of life with similar interests. We get inside their heads and find out more things about them then just the run of the mill questions that they get asked all the time in their respected field.

On this weeks show we have NFL Draft guru, Dynasty Fantasy Football addict, and king of old school video games Mr. Shane P Hallam. You can find him on Twitter (@ShanePHallam) and at his website We find out what got him into the NFL Draft process and Fantasy Football. Shane also lets us know about some of his other hobbies and highlights a super underrated old school video game that he loves. Join us and SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE, RT and COMMENT.

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