Daily Fantasy NBA Playbook: 03/24/2015

Tim Duncan

It’s another Tuesday of Daily Fantasy goodness from the NBA.  We have a six game slate with some pretty intriguing games. I’ll keep it short and sweet tonight but let’s go win some money.

Point Guard: Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors – $9,400
– I know this is the obvious and boring play, but obvious and boring aren’t always bad. I understand the appeal of Russell Westbrook and his video game numbers definitely have earned the attention he gets… BUT.. are you really going to pay $3,000 more for Westbrook when Stephen Curry is sitting right there? Westbrook probably has the higher ceiling but because of the insane price, I can’t recommend him over Curry as the top PG play. Curry is as safe as they come tonight and a reasonable to score to hit to meet value. Think about it, Westbrook is going to be 26% of YOUR ENTIRE ROSTER while Curry is going to be 18% and they will likely have very close scores in the end. Don’t force yourself into fishing for value to fit Westbrook when Curry is right there.
other plays: Russell Westbrook [$13,200 – GPP], Reggie Jackson [$7,500], Ish Smith [$5,900 – GPP], Michael Carter Williams [$6,800 – GPP]

Shooting Guards: Dwayne Wade – Miami Heat – $7,900
– The SG spot is not pretty tonight. I’m going to go with what I feel is the “safest” option. While I do think his price is a bit high coming after two subpar games, there’s just not a lot to feel good about elsewhere for the position unless you increase your risk. Wade’s usage has been through roof without Chris Bosh and will likely remain that way. The Bucks are a solid defensive team, ranking 16th against SGs over the last 3 weeks. Luckily however, Wade is not the average NBA shooting guard and should do well enough to at least come close to hitting value. I do not think there’s a safer 30FPs at SG than Wade tonight.
other plays: Klay Thompson [$7,000 – GPP], Anthony Morrow [$4,300 – GPP], Ben McLemore [$3,600 – GPP], Khris Middleton [$6,500]

Small Forwards: Kawhi Leonard – San Antonio Spurs – $8,100
– The Mavericks are really bad. Kawhi Leonard should have zero issues doing whatever he wants tonight. He’s been looking more and more like the Kawhi we saw last year in the playoffs and that’s what we want. DraftKings having him as the highest priced SF option means they expect him to be the highest scoring one and so do I. I HATE this position on almost a nightly basis (as do a lot people) and tonight overall is no different. I’m plugging in Leonard and not looking back, I suggest you do the same.

other plays: Luol Deng [$5,600], Caron Butler [$3,200 – GPP], Wes Johnson [$4,200], Dorell Wright [$3,500 – GPP]

Power Forwards: Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs – $6,900
– Power Forward is usually one of the best and deepest positions, but not tonight. It’s ugly. Monroe’s status up in there, Aldridge’s status up in the air, Ibaka out, Draymond in a likely blowout. That leaves us with mister reliable, Tim Duncan. I don’t normally suggest two players from the same team, and I really try hard not to include two from the same team on my own lineups, but tonight might have to be different. Duncan’s coming off of a 40.75FP performance against the Hawks on Sunday and had the rest day yesterday. Dallas is 19th vs PFs over the last 3 weeks but very few teams run through their PF as much as the Spurs do with Duncan. His ceiling isn’t outrageous but his floor is one of the safest in the league.

other plays: Greg Monroe [$7,500 – GPP| check status], Dirk Nowitzki [$5,800], Robert Covington [$4,500 – GPP], Ed Davis [$4,700 – GPP]

Centers: Robin Lopez – Portland Trailblazers – $4,500
– Just so I’m not totall obvious with my plays tonight, I’ll give you a cheaper play for the Center spot. Lopez isn’t the prettiest option tonight but if you have some guys you really want to play tonight (like a Westbrook) then you will need to find a couple Robin Lopez-type plays. Lopez should see a slight increase in offensive responsibility with LMA out (doubtful as of this writing) and will likely have an increase in rebounds. With the salary cap relief comes a low base score you need from him to meet his value for the night. The Warriors are 25th vs Cs over the last 3 weeks so Lopez should have a great opportunity to exceed his expectations.

other plays: DeMarcus Cousins [$9,600], Andre Drummond [$8,400 – GPP], Hassan Whiteside [$7,500 – GPP], Zaza Pachulia [$5,000 – GPP], Tiago Splitter [$4,300 – GPP], Jordan Hill [$5,500 – GPP], Jonas Valanciunas [$5,600]


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