Paul Worrilow, Paul Poz, and Pierre-Paul all ‘Worry’ me

Paul Worrilow has the heart of a lion. He was an UDFA in 2013 and by midseason was racking up tackles like an All-pro. There is just one problem: he isn’t that great at football. He should be a full time special teams player and backup ILB in the NFL. The reason he has been solid in IDP the last two years is because there was nobody else to man the middle in ATL. That will change with Dan Quinn in town. The Falcons will draft a LB. They will likely resign Sean Weatherspoon too. If he is still a full time player by week 8 of 2015 I will be surprised. Sell now while you still can.

Paul Poszlusny: I know I will get some flack for this one; however, I think Paul P. is a top sell if you can get good value for him. He isn’t the most talented LB in the league, he just has been on an awful team that constantly gets run on while never having tackle competition. With Telvin Smith emerging and John Cyprien as a primarily in-box SS, he now has some competition and the Jags are slowly improving. He is coming off a major injury and getting up there in age. He isn’t a sell for pennies type of player, but if you can get a decent offer I’d take it. If you don’t sell him now, prepare to ride him into FF retirement in a a few years because a value drop is imminent.

Jason Pierre-Paul: This may raise some eyebrows. JPP was beast last year. He was the #2 fantasy football DL only behind the God known as J.J. Watt. He is only 26 and will be back with the Giants via franchise tag — so why am I worried? Everyone has already forgotten the chronic back problems that haunted JPP for almost 2 years. I don’t think he is a must sell but if I can get Robert Quinn and something small added for JPP in a trade I’m doing it. I would also look to shop him for Chandler Jones or Greg Hardy if something of decent value came with.

Bonus: James Laurinatis. His name isn’t Paul but he is practically “Paul P. lite.” When he was producing big, he was the only tackler on an awful team. His last two years have been down with Alec Ogletree biting into his tackles. Add in a great run stopping box safety like McDonald, DT Aaron Donald and a team that keeps improving, James is just not close to productive as he used to be. If somebody still thinks he is a high LB2 due to name value I would unload him.


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