2015 Fantasy Outlooks: Colorado Rockies

Tulowitzki and Gonzalez

The Colorado Rockies have plenty of potential that can impact your fantasy baseball team this season. A couple of the names are well know and staples of the top of the draft, while other names started to make their presence felt last season.

Injuries ahead proceed with caution.

Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez are phenomenal players who produce when they are on the field, injury concern is a real possibility. Both Tulowitzki and Gonzalez have missed significant portions of seasons. Typically they still produce impressive numbers, even when missing time. Owners must be cautious if they plan on drafting either or both of these guys.

Troy Tulowitzki continues to miss time due to varying injuries, typically lower body related. Throughout his 8 full seasons, Tulowitzki has only played 140 plus games in three of those seasons. Selecting Tulowitzki, means you will need to be ready to replace him in 25-50 games at some point in the season. When he is on the field, hes a borderline MVP candidate deserving of a first round pick. Typically he will produce 20 plus home runs, 80ish RBI and a batting average above .300 even when missing time. The stolen base totals has diminished mostly due to his injury history. The Rockies have become much more hesitant to let him run.

Carlos Gonzalez, like his teammate Tulowitzki is all be certainly headed for a DL stint or two each season. And like Tulo, CarGo has the potential to put up very impressive numbers even when missing time. Gonzalez typically will hit 25ish home runs, 90 plus RBI and hit close to .300. Gonzalez also offers speed for his owners, with 20 stolen bases being a reasonable expectation.

While drafting either of these guys in the first couple rounds may add more uncertainty than some owners may want, especially at the top of drafts, the potential reward both guys can contribute to your team is worth the gamble. Even when missing time they are game changers.

That said, if you take either of these players there are a few rules you may want to follow.

-Avoid taking too many players with high risk, especially early in drafts.
-Grab replacement value you are ok with filling in for a month. *This is more important for Tulo than CarGo as OF is typically easier to fill.

Corey Dickerson and Nolan Arenado

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The Colorado Rockies have a youth movement happening in their lineup and these guys can play. Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado all made an impact last season for the Rockies. The Rockies are making room in their line up for these guys and you should too.

Corey Dickerson

After Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, Corey Dickerson is the Colorado Rockies player to own. In 430 at bats last season, Dickerson produced 24 home runs, 76 RBI while hitting over .300. He should see close to 600 plate appearances for the Rockies this season assuming he stays healthy. Dickerson will likely lead off and should have the ability to put up an impressive number of runs batting in front of CarGo and Tulo.

Charlie Blackmon

In his first season getting a 600 plus plate appearances, Blackmon proved his worth. His first half was impressive enough to earn him an all star nod. The concern with Blackmon comes in his second half numbers. Those numbers dipped across the board and by a noticeable margin. In the second half Blackmon hit only 5 home runs, as opposed to his 15 prior to the All Star break. His averaged dropped 41 points. His strikeout total was nearly identical pre and post All Star. The problem with that is he had over 100 fewer plate appearances in the second half.

ESPN’s Tristan Cockroft showed Blackmon’s decline at the All Star break last season. The signs pointed to less productive second half, especially against left handers.

Pre versus LHP: .308 AVG, .590 SLG, 2.4 K%, 10 Miss%
Post versus LHP: .255 AVG, .319 SLG, 10.4 K%, 17 Miss%
Pre on road: .265/.303/.398, 12.1 K%, .133 ISO
Post on road: .233/.269/.288, 16.7 K%, .055 ISO

With a big part of his regression coming against lefties, owners will want to look for a potential platoon situation for Blackmon. Monitor Rockies camp for adjustments Blackmon may have made and outfield assignments that can impact his 2015 potential. The ability is there for Blackmon to produce big time, assuming he made a few tweaks.

Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arrenado had a season that was the opposite of his teammate Blackmon. The second half of the season was Arrenado’s best. He seemed to put everything together and put up impressive numbers. His home run total doubled in the second half, his walks almost doubled and his strikeout total went down. If these numbers are an indication of what could be coming this season, it could be a massive one for Arranado.


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